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Weight Worry? Orlistat Can Get You Mistletoe Ready

Dec 14, 2016 Weight Loss

The John Lewis advert has been released, the decks are up, and it is officially the run up to Christmas.  However, there is just enough time to lose enough weight to fit into that awesome party dress or sharp suit. We all know that weight gain is caused by eating more calories than we burn off and that the answer is to eat less and exercise more. However actually being disciplined enough to adhere to this simple principle is often impossible. Many find it easier to lose weight by joining a slimming club because the camaraderie of, ‘suffering together’, encourages members to persevere. Others like to drop the pounds privately. Orlistat is a weight loss treatment that can help accelerate weight loss especially when you are on a calorie controlled diet.


How Do You Know If You Are Overweight?

Generally the first indication that we are putting on weight is that our clothes stop looking good and then they become too tight. When you have start buying clothes a size or two bigger than usual you need to start considering halting the weight gain. Medically you are classed as overweight when you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 25, when it reaches 30 you are foraying into the realms of obesity. Orlistat can only be used to aid weight loss if you have a BMI over 28. If you are not sure what your BMI is checkout the The NHS Choices website.

Psychological Effects Of Obesity

Being overweight is extremely bad for our bodies and can lead to a variety of unwelcome health issues. The Physiological effects of obesity can be just as destructive and can affect us in the following ways:- You feel ugly and cumbersome - once your weight gain has gone past the looking curvaceous stage you just look and feel frumpy. Your self esteem plummets and you start to feel low and depressed. Your energy levels will deplete and will enjoy life less because you find it more difficult to join in activities. Food becomes your friend and then your enemy - you get into a cycle of eating because you feel low then feel guilty because you have eaten. You hide from cameras and mirrors because you don’t like the way you look. When your weight starts to affect your life it is time to look after yourself and adopt a healthy eating plan that will improve your well being.

How Does Orlistat Work

Orlistat works within your digestive system to prevent the absorption of fat. The undigested fat leaves your body when you go to the toilet. Orlistat should be taken when you are eating a reduced fat diet otherwise you will suffer from unpleasant side effects. Orlistat is not a magic pill that solves all of your weight problems, it is simply an aid to dieting. When taken in conjunction with a low fat diet and plenty of exercise it is extremely effective - particularly when you reach a weight loss plateau. It is advised that you start a low fat diet at least a week before taking Orlistat or you may have to rush to the loo a lot. If you are ready to take the plunge to get your Christmas sparkle back, please click on this link so you can have a consultation to see if Orlistat will work for you.

If you wish to review weight loss treatment CLICK HERE.

By Parv Sagoo (October 2017)

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