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SLEEP TIGHT I’m a pharmacist – here’s why the change in weather is ruining your sleep

AS a Brit, you get used to packing an umbrella everywhere you go, especially if it's 'meant to be nice out'. This Jubilee weekend has been a scorcher, basking Brits as we celebrate our monarch. But stormy weather is now expected today and tomorrow as the four day weekend bonanza ends. One expert has now warned that this shift in weather could actually be having an impact on your health. Parvinder Sagoo, pharmacist and health adviser for Simply Meds Online said the constant change in temperature could cause headaches and sleep disruption.

‘Weather whiplash’ can wreck your sleep – here’s how to fix it

Been struggling to sleep well recently? As the seasons and weather change, it’s normal for sleep to be disrupted. Earlier sun rises can wake us up earlier than we’d like, leaving us lethargic during the day. Parvinder Sagoo, a pharmacist and health adviser for Simply Meds Online, says: ‘Changes in weather can impact the quality of your sleep, and how much you’re getting.

10 Easy Ways To Curb Hay Fever Symptoms

With the pollen count reaching an uncomfortable high, and our eyes swelling accordingly, we’re reminded once again that hay fever has its wicked way with nearly a quarter of us every year. Pollen affects people in different ways, but the allergic reaction it triggers can bring on a raft of unpleasant symptoms, from itchy, red eyes and a scratchy throat to persistent sneezing, headaches and fatigue.

Simple Honey Hack could cure Hay Fever Symptoms, Says Expert

With hay fever season well and truly underway, plenty of us are already searching high and low for a way to keep that pesky pollen at bay. We've heard it all from slathering your nose with Vaseline to kicking dairy products to the curb, but the easiest remedy of all may have been hiding under our noses this entire time (pardon the pun). According to one expert, eating a spoon of honey every day could be just the trick for your itchy eyes and runny nose.

How to soothe dry and irritated eyes

Waking up with dry, red and itchy eyes is a horrible way to start the day. Whether it’s hay fever – which has been worse than usual this year – allergies or something else, dry eyes can be a nightmare to put up with. According to Parvinder Sagoo, a pharmacist and health adviser for Simply Meds Online, dry eyes can have many causes, including your age, whether or not you wear contact lenses or your environment – whether that’s due to aircon, central heating or the pollen count. Also, a lesser-known cause for dry eyes is actually too much screen time.

DRUG DEAL Is there an antihistamine shortage and where can I buy hay fever tablets?

HAY FEVER sufferers were hit with the news yesterday that their relief tablets were in short supply. Some antihistamines, which help symptoms such as a runny nose and itchy eyes, have sold out online. Read more on how you can help your symptoms and where to find stock.

BBC Breakfast star Carol Kirkwood gives fans positive health update

Taking to Twitter, the star revealed: "Pollen levels today are low to moderate across the UK." Low pollen levels will be music to the ears of the estimated 10 million people in the UK who suffer with hay fever. With hay fever season in full swing, there are a few easy, medication-free remedies to ease symptoms, including drying your clothes inside and keeping your windows closed.

8 hay fever remedies to try now

Hay fever season is well and truly upon us, bringing with it a non-stop rotation of sneezing, coughing, runny nose and itchy eyes. If you haven't already, then it's time to start building up your armoury to fight off those pesky symptoms and begin feeling comfortable in the outdoors once again. From antihistamines and nasal sprays to eye drops and wipes, we've lined up the most effective hay fever remedies that you can try at home and buy over the counter.