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Gyms re-opening – advice on staying safe.

With gyms and pools re-opening on July 25, 2020, what will it be like for members and visitors going back to these premises? Read here to get some gym safety tips before your first visit.

What It’s Like To Catch A Flight Right Now?

Worried about travelling and catching a flight? Read here to find out what it is like.

How To Safely Navigate The Gym And Pool Once They Reopen

Gyms and pools will be able to open their doors again, but what will they look like and how can we all stay safe?

PILLS THAT KILL My boys died on the same day from Dark Web ecstasy overdoses – youngsters can now get £2 pills more easily than booze

Read about the risks and increasing issue of ecstasy use by youngsters.

Why you're having more migraines in the heatwave, and how to treat them

Do you know why you're having more migraines in a heatwave? Read here to find out why and how to treat them.

Why your migraines are worse in hot weather (and how to cope in the heatwave)

Are your migraines worse in the heat? Find out why here...

Can soap weaken your immunity?

Which ingredients in antibacterial soap can weaken your immunity?

Do you regularly use antibacterial soap?

Why antibacterial soap could be reducing your immunity