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Patient Responsibility and Compliance Agreement

By using SimplyMeds Online, completing an online medical consultation and purchasing a treatment from this website I confirm and state truthfully as if I was under oath that:

Personal information

  1. I am an Adult that is at least 18 years old and of sound mind and judgement.

  2. I am the intended patient and am not intentionally ordering prescription medication on behalf of somebody else.

  3. I have provided accurate and up to date patient information and can confirm I am I the intended patient.

  4. My contact details are correct and I will be reachable either by telephone or email at any time.

  5. I, the patient has had a recent examination with my GP (General Practitioner) or a local doctor who has evaluated my current condition and past medical history and considered it to be to a satisfactory level.

  6. My GP is a registered practitioner and if necessary, I consent to contacting my GP or local Doctor for a follow up or intervention should I receive any complications or side effects from my medication. The prescribing pharmacist and the pharmacy team at SimplyMeds may also be contacted and I agree to email them accordingly to arrange for a member of the team at SimplyMeds to call me back if necessary. I am fully aware that the prescribing Pharmacist or a designated representative may need to contact me at any time even if I have not contacted them prior to that.

  7. I have requested a prescription and medication from SimplyMeds for my own personal health and wellbeing. These are required for my condition. The medication requested will not be sold on to any third party or stored in excess beyond an appropriate supply.

  8. I fully understand that the service SimplyMeds provides does not replace my GP or healthcare provider.

  9. I have discussed with a healthcare professional and fully understand the risks, benefits and common side effects of the prescription treatment I am requesting. I also have reviewed online materials including various websites offering detailed explanations on the subject.

  10. Historically I may have used the medication I am requesting from my GP which was safe and free from side effects at that time. I also confirm my GP advised me that this medication is not contraindicated for me and is suitable for my personal medical needs.

  11. By completing a consultation and anything associated here forth, I am requesting that the prescriber at SimplyMeds to only act in support to my local Doctor or GP. I do not intend for the SimplyMeds prescriber to replace my local Doctor or GP. As a result, I confirm that the SimplyMeds prescriber considering my consultation, issue the prescription for dispensing by the associated licensed pharmacy.

  12. I understand that complete transparency is absolutely necessary for my personal safety and I will by all means uphold this condition or complete transparency at all times.

  13. To add to the earlier mentioned point, I confirm that I have, with complete transparency, disclosed any and all information regarding my health and medical history which may be necessary to my request for treatment and medication from SimplyMeds Online.

  14. I have complete understanding that with the use of any medication there are risks and benefits. I confirm I have had my medical and physical condition examined recently.

  15. I understand to make a purchase on SimplyMeds Online for medication or treatment I must be permitted by law to use a credit card or any other payment card to make my purchase. I confirm that I am an authorised cardholder and am permitted by law to use the credit card on this website.

  16. I have full capacity and understanding to complete a consultation on SimplyMeds Online and am doing so off my own free will. I am not under duress or being coerced in to placing an order on this website.

  17. By proceeding with any consultation and placing this order I am voluntarily agreeing to all the above stated points. I understand that by using SimplyMeds Online and its services, I irrevocably bind myself the terms and conditions.

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