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Dental Products To Help Keep Your Mouth and Teeth Healthy

Dental Products To Help Keep Your Mouth and Teeth Healthy

Jun 17, 2024 Dental Products


When it comes to dental health, it is important to keep to a regular and thorough dental hygiene routine. Not keeping your teeth and gums healthy can result in several short or longer-term issues. Regular check-ups with your dentist and hygienist (if needed) help to spot and deal with problems before they become bigger. Looking after your teeth, mouth and gums from home can save you from bothersome symptoms and costly dental treatment in the future that might have been avoidable.


Here at Simply Meds Online, we offer a variety of products from trusted brands to make keeping on top of your dental care easier than ever. From fighting tooth decay to keeping your gums healthy, our carefully put-together selection has something for everyone. Explore our dental category to find the perfect products for your oral hygiene routine.


Tooth Decay: What Is It and How Do I Spot It?

Tooth decay is a common dental issue but if not addressed, it can lead to further dental problems that become worse over time, requiring treatment. Plaque, created by bacteria, forms on your teeth and produces acids that attack the enamel. This can result in cavities and even tooth loss. 


How to Spot Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can be at the root of many dental issues. Knowing what it is and how to spot it can help you be proactive about keeping your mouth healthy.

Look out for these symptoms of tooth decay.

Discoloration -  Look for white, brown, or black spots on your teeth. These can be signs of tooth decay.

Bad Breath -  Ongoing bad breath, often caused by bacteria, can be a sign of several dental issues, including tooth decay.

Increased Sensitivity -  Do you struggle with sensitive teeth? If you experience discomfort when consuming hot, cold, or sweet foods and drinks, it might be a sign of tooth decay.

Pain - If you’re experiencing toothache or feel pain when biting down this can be a sign of tooth decay as well as damage such as a cracked tooth.

Learn more about spotting tooth decay and dealing with it on our blog.


Essential Dental Products From Simply Meds Online

Including the right dental products in your daily routine is essential to ensure your mouth and teeth stay healthy. Here are four of our most popular must-have dental products.


Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Spray 

Dry mouth can be a medication side effect, caused by stress and by other factors. It can be uncomfortable and affect your dental health. Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Spray provides long-lasting relief from dry mouth by hydrating and moisturising your mouth. As a spray it’s perfect for use on the out and while out and about.


Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash

Using Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash is a great step forward in maintaining gum health and fighting bacteria. This mouthwash, often recommended by dentists and hygienists, helps keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean all day. Corsodyl mouthwash can also help to deal with underlying issues that cause bad breath. 


Tepe Interdental Brushes

Plaque and food debris can build up in the spaces between your teeth. Even the most enthusiastic toothbrushing can often miss debris. Plaque and food debris can lead to gum disease and other dental problems. Tepe Interdental Brushes are designed to slide between your teeth, cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. Tepe brushes come in various sizes because our mouths are all different. For those with smaller gaps, a smaller brush to start with would be advised. 

The Tepe Angled brushes can be great for more controlled interdental brushing and harder-to-reach teeth. Tepe brushes can be used as well as flossing and brushing for best results.


Sensodyne Whitening Repair & Protect Toothpaste

If you have sensitive teeth, Sensodyne Whitening Repair & Protect Toothpaste is an excellent choice. Well known for helping with sensitivity, this toothpaste also offers comprehensive tooth care alongside whitening. Enriched with fluoride, this Sensodyne toothpaste strengthens enamel, making your teeth more resilient against sensitivity. There are several Sensodyne toothpaste products so you can choose the ones that work best for you and your family. 


Specialty Dental Products For Extra Protection

For those needing more protection than over-the-counter toothpaste, Duraphat dental products are highly recommended.

Duraphat 2800 is a high-fluoride toothpaste for patients over 16 who require extra cavity protection. Duraphat 5000 offers an even higher fluoride concentration for those with a high risk of tooth decay. You can order Duraphat products directly through us at Simply Meds Online via a private prescription after an online consultation. You can access this by adding the item you need to your basket.


Prioritising Your Dental Health

Your dental health significantly impacts your overall well-being. By prioritising your dental care you can expect fewer issues in the future. Using trusted dental care products with proven benefits daily, as well as visiting your dentist regularly can make a significant difference to your oral health. 

All our dental items, as well as prescriptions and accessories, are sent quickly and discreetly to the address you choose in your account. We work hard so that you can look after your teeth and gums without difficulty.

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