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Is it safe to go shopping now non-essential stores are open?

Is it safe to go and do non-essential shopping?

Does Hydroxychloroquine work for COVID-19?

Some thoughts on the use of the anti-malarial as treatment for COVID.

What Shops are allowed to open first?

Some shops are opening before others. Which ones are considered more essential?

5 Ways to stay safe while shopping on the high street

Here are a few safety tips for staying safe while shopping

How to stay safe after the shops reopen

The shops have now reopened, are you clued up on the rules and how to stay safe?

Why your migraines are worse in hot weather (and how to cope in the heatwave)

Migraine triggers include; stress, hormone changes, food, drinks, sleeping patterns, bright lights and weather changes. It is possible changes in weather pressure cause the onset of a migraine attack.