Saxenda Orders - Frequently Asked Questions

Jul 26, 2022 Weight Loss

Q. Can I buy just one pen of Saxenda?

A. Yes you can, you can purchase up to 5 pens at a time.

Q. I have placed an order but have not received confirmation?

A. When you place an order for Saxenda it has to be approved by a prescriber. Once it has been approved and shipped you will receive a tracking email. If there are any problems with your consultation a prescriber will contact you via telephone or email.

Q. Do you know when you will have stock of Saxenda?

A. We do have daily deliveries of Saxenda. If it shows as out of stock on our website, please call us on 0208 262 3252 and we can confirm our current stock levels.

Q. How long will Saxenda take to be delivered?

A. Usually next day depending on the delivery option you selected. Next working day is £6.45 - full delivery information is available here:

Q. I wish to order the Saxenda weight loss pen?

A. you can order the Saxenda pens through our website

Q. What does the Saxenda starter pack include?

A. The starter pack includes Saxenda pens (1-5 depending how many you ordered) 100 needles and a 1L sharps bin.

Q. I have never used Saxenda before, how many pens do I need for the first month?

A. Initiation with Saxenda is 1 month, or 3 PENS. If this is the 1st time you are using this treatment then you will need to order a kit with AT LEAST 3 pens to see any benefit. 

Q. I have already had a consultation for Saxenda with your company and had the first batch of pens delivered. Do I need a further consultation or can I just re order the pens?

A. If you navigate to My Orders in your account dashboard, you can select re order which will ask you to confirm if anything has changed since your last consultation before you can proceed. Please make any changes needed, add to basket and proceed to checkout. If it does not give you the option to re order, please navigate to Saxenda selection page, select the Saxenda you wish to purchase and complete a new consultation.

Q. How much are Saxenda pens?

A. This is the link for you to look at and you will see the prices of the Saxenda pens.

Q. I need to place an order what happens if it arrives and I’m not in?

A. We cannot accept returns and refunds on this item if you miss your delivery. Deliveries are made using accelerated 24-hour services and our temperature-controlled packaging is guaranteed for 48 hours. Please have your order delivered to an address where someone can take delivery of it. Also please keep an eye on your tracking information for accurate delivery times. If you need to make any amendments to your delivery please contact us as soon aspossible. 

Q. If I have an NHS prepayment for my prescriptions can I use it to purchase Saxenda?

A. No you cannot use the NHS prescription prepayment as we are providing a private prescription.

Q. When buying Saxenda do i need to buy the needles too?

A. If you do not have a supply of suitable needles and a sharps bin you will need to purchase a starter kit or you can purchase a needle/sharps bin here:

Q. I’m trying to buy Saxenda, but it won't allow me to start my consultation?

A. Please make sure you have selected your pack type and quantity before clicking start consultation. Please also make sure that you are logged into your account before completing the consultation.

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