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National Pet Month - Promoting Healthy Happy Pets

National Pet Month - Promoting Healthy Happy Pets

Apr 09, 2024 General Health

Anyone with a pet will happily confirm that they are not “just” an animal that lives with them, but a treasured family member. From cute cats to sassy birds and beyond, here at Simply Meds Online, we support National Pet Month (April each year) as it raises awareness of how to look after your pets properly.


What is National Pet Month?

As well as (another) opportunity to share your cute pet pictures with anyone and everyone, National Pet Month is a great way to learn about and raise awareness of responsible pet ownership. Animal shelters are considering pausing pet adoptions over Christmas (some already do - pets are for life, not Christmas) and retailers like Pets at Home recently announced they wouldn’t be selling rabbits over the Easter period. The push towards responsible ownership of pets is very much an issue to be reinforced and we’re happy to share information that supports that.


Promoting Pet Health With Vet Prescriptions For Pets at Simply Meds Online


A large part of looking after your pet is keeping them healthy. This includes regular treatments for issues such as worms and fleas but may also include ongoing medication for conditions they may have or for short-term illness. 

Did you know that you can order private vet prescriptions via our website?

While you’d expect us to receive veterinary prescriptions for cats and dogs we’ve also helped responsible pet owners with treatments and medications for birds, horses, ducks and more. 

Simply Meds Online can access competitive pricing from trusted UK medicine suppliers. These savings are passed onto our vet prescriptions and private prescription customers. This also means that the price you pay with us may be cheaper than what you’d pay elsewhere.


Ordering vet prescriptions is easy:


How it works

If you’re looking to order a private or vet prescription, we can help. Simply complete the steps below:


  1. Login to your Simply Meds Online account or create a new one.

  2. Choose if the prescription is for you, someone else or a pet/animal.

  3. Search for the prescribed medication. Include the name, strength, and dosage. Add this to your basket.

  4. Upload a copy/photograph of the prescription.

  5. We will check your script and send you a quote.

  6. You accept the quote and make payment via the secure link.

  7. Once paid send us the original physical prescription via a tracked postage service (no copies please!)

  8. When we receive your prescription, we will check your script and dispense your order. This will be sent quickly, safely and discreetly to your door. 


Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership

The majority of pet owners look after their pets brilliantly. These tips remind us of the steps to consider before bringing a pet into your home and beyond. They also offer interesting talking points for children wanting to learn about the responsibilities of owning a pet. Teachers wanting to discuss National Pet Month with their students may find these pet ownership discussion points and lesson plans useful.


1. Think Carefully Before You Commit

Before bringing a pet into your home, take the time to thoroughly research and understand its needs. Consider your lifestyle, how much time you have, the cost of feeding and looking after a pet and whether your home is suitable. Animal shelters are full of pets waiting to be rehomed because people didn’t do their research in advance.


2. Socialising and Training Your Pet

It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is well-socialised and properly trained. This takes time and in some cases, you might want to consider outside help, such as dog training classes and similar.


3. Make Sure Your Pet is Properly Fed and Hydrated

As they can’t talk a pet can’t always let you know when they need something they’re lacking. Offer your pet a well-balanced, nutritious diet suitable for their species and life stage. Speak to your vet to research the best feed and feeding routine for your pet.


4. Suitable Housing and Comfort

It’s important to ensure your pet has a safe, suitable and comfortable environment to live in. This can mean the size of the cage you buy to whether there is adequate space for a cat, dog or even a house rabbit to roam (watch your cables - house rabbits are known to snack on them). Will your pet need a heat lamp/pad or special bedding?


5. Making Sure You Clean Up After and Maintain Your Pet’s Health

All pets have maintenance needs from regular worming and flea treatments to vaccinations, grooming, cleaning out of cages, litter trays and more. Make sure your pet is regularly maintained and clean up after them.


6. Preventing Disease and Illnesses

Speak to your vet to protect your pet against common diseases. Regular boosters are needed to keep vaccinations current and protections topped up.


7. Consider Neutering Your Pet

Neutering your pet stops unwanted litters and also offers behavioural and health benefits. Speak to your vet about reproductive care.


8. Schedule Regular Grooming

It’s important to make regular grooming part of your pet care routine. From trimming nails to bathing and brushing, maintaining your pet’s appearance also helps promote their comfort and health. Consider whether you want to use a trained and insured pet groomer for regular maintenance.


9. Check Identification and Control Rules

It is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure that their cat or dog is microchipped and registered, and that other forms of identification are used, as needed. This can help lost pets be reunited with their family. It is also important to use the correct lead and harness when out to control your pet around others. Be aware of laws about protecting others from your pet and keeping your pet safe from others.


10. Invest in Financial Protection For Your Pet

Last but not least, it’s important to consider pet insurance. This can help cover unexpected vet expenses, liability and more. Having pet insurance in place offers peace of mind. 


These top tips for owning a pet responsibility can help you, your family and your pets enjoy a fun, healthy and safe life together.


Our Ordering Private and Pet Prescriptions blog post can offer more advice. 


There are many advantages to ordering your vet prescriptions and private prescriptions from Simply Meds Online. These include convenient online ordering, quick, secure and discreet delivery to an address of your choice, ease of reordering and more. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch.


National Pet Month - Promoting Healthy Happy Pets

This month take time to raise awareness of the responsibilities of pet ownership and make sure that your pet’s appointments, vaccinations and grooming are all up to date. 


Many of the team here at Simply Meds Online are also proud pet owners and are keen to spread the word about responsible pet ownership. Visit nationalpetmonth.org.uk their social media channels for more information (and those pet pictures).

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