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How to Get an Emergency Prescription Over the Christmas and New Year Period

How to Get an Emergency Prescription Over the Christmas and New Year Period

Dec 06, 2023 Emergency Medicines


You’ve got the turkey, the crackers and decorations sorted and you’ve found that elusive hardback book that Aunt Agnes asked for. Phew. What about your prescriptions? We advise ordering your regular prescriptions in time to make sure you are covered for the Christmas and New Year times. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well-organised you are, things don’t go to plan. What do you do if you need an emergency prescription when everything seems to be closed over the holiday period? 


Emergency Prescriptions From Simply Meds Online

Did you know that here at Simply Meds Online we run an emergency prescription service for those who have run out of their usual prescription or are away from home and haven’t reordered or lost their prescription? This is a popular and useful service for short-term use, check our shipping times here for more information.

If you find you have an emergency prescription need over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day or New Year, please see the handy tips below for accessing NHS medications during an emergency over the festive period.


Where to Get NHS Prescriptions and Emergency Medications Over the Christmas Period

What do you do if you’ve run out of an essential medication or need something in an emergency during the Christmas and New Year period? The ideal scenario is to have everything you need regularly in advance. Things don’t always go as planned though.

If you find yourself in need of an emergency prescription over Christmas or New Year there are options. The NHS have a handy pharmacy checker to help you find an open pharmacy open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. You can also find information on how to get out-of-hours medicines, repeat medications can be requested via the NHS 111 service and sent to a local pharmacy to be dispensed. 

For those visiting from abroad, enjoying a UK holiday break or visiting family there is a separate guide to accessing NHS services which should be very handy in an emergency.


Handy Medicines and Products To Have in Stock For the Holidays

It makes sense to have a few extras in place for common ailments and issues. Cold and flu remedies (and extra tissues) are a must as well as painkillers for headaches and anything else that threatens to disturb your break. Joint pain, migraines, urine infection and acid reflux are often at the top of the list of issues that can crop up over the holiday period. Thankfully, here at Simply Meds Online, we have what you need to deal with all of these and more. 


Battling a Urine Infection Over the Holidays

A UTI  can strike at any time and can be very uncomfortable. It’s best to get these issues dealt with ASAP before they get any worse and make you feel rubbish over the break. Our pharmacist can issue a private prescription for Trimethoprim, (subject to a consultation) a broad-spectrum antibiotic or similar to help clear your UTI. Antibiotics like these target the bacteria that cause the infection and help to get rid of the discomfort, often in as little as three days, depending on the severity. 

In addition to Trimethoprim, other options for UTI and cystitis treatment can also be sent out by our pharmacist after an online consultation.


Effective Relief From Migraines 

If you are someone who deals with migraines you already know that are not the same as a regular headache. Migraines are highly disruptive and can come with a plethora of other symptoms, from visual disturbance to nausea. Many things trigger migraines and for some people, the stress and bustle of the festive season can set one off. Having a migraine remedy to hand such as Sumatriptan tablets or Imigran Nasal Spray can help provide speedy relief and help you get back on with your day.


Dealing With Acid Reflux

If you are someone who suffers from acid reflux, Christmas, New Year and all that fancy food can be a recipe for flare-up disaster. Here at Simply Meds Online, our pharmacist can send out prescription Lansoprazole, Omeprazole and similar PPI medications to help you have a more comfortable Christmas and New Year. 


Joint Pain Support From Simply Meds Online

Between the cold and damp weather and extra physical activity over the busy Christmas and New Year season, it’s not uncommon for joint pain to flare up. Having an ibuprofen gel such as Phorpain Gel Maximum Strength in your emergency medicines box at home to deal with pain straight away can be a great choice. For those with significant and ongoing pain, our pharmacist can issue joint and muscle relief prescriptions such as Naproxen tablets or Voltarol Gel that contains Diclofenac.


Being Prepared for Emergency Prescriptions and Medications Over the Christmas and New Year Period

The festive season should be about family, friends, relaxation, traditions, great food and all good things. Make sure that you have your regular prescriptions ordered in good time, have handy remedies in and know what to do if things don’t go to plan. We’re hoping that everyone remains fit and well over the holidays but if you or any of your family or guests do need an emergency prescription that you take note of the emergency NHS prescription information above. 

Don’t forget that you can have your regular NHS prescriptions shipped securely and discreetly to your door by nominating Simply Meds Online as your preferred pharmacy. No more queueing up for your prescriptions.

Here at Simply Meds Online we hope that everything does go to plan and that you have a wonderful stress (and illness) free holiday break. 

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