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What Is a Vegan and How Simply Meds Online Can Help Support You

What Is a Vegan and How Simply Meds Online Can Help Support You

Nov 01, 2023 Vegan

Whether you are already following a vegan lifestyle or are curious about it, we are happy to support you. Our vegan range is growing, making it easier for our vegan customers to enjoy health and well-being products that align with their ethical beliefs.  In this blog post, we'll delve into what it means to be a vegan, the significance of World Vegan Day November 1st and World Vegan Month, what the Vegan Society thinks about taking medications and how Simply Meds Online can help support you on your journey.


What Does Being a Vegan Mean?

Being a vegan isn’t purely about making changes to dietary choices, although this is often the first step for many. A vegan abstains from using animal-sourced products in all aspects of their life where possible, including food and drink. This means not eating anything that comes from an animal such as meat, fish dairy, or eggs, not using anything tested on animals or using animal-derived ingredients. Vegans also value animal welfare, and personal health and often strive for environmental sustainability. 

Why someone chooses to become vegan is personal and unique to each person. Reasons include health benefits, concern over animal welfare, environmental issues and for ethical reasons.


What is  World Vegan Day and World Vegan Month?

November marks World Vegan Month, starting with World Vegan Day on November 1st. These are globally recognised dates where veganism is highlighted, where others are encouraged to find out more, celebrate the vegan way of living, spread awareness of health and ethical/environmental benefits and much more. Overall it is a celebration of all things vegan that vegans and non-vegans can take part in. You can find out more about how these global awareness events started from The Vegan Society, the world’s oldest vegan charity.

Any month is a good month to explore veganism but November offers an additional platform to share information such as recipes and more. 


What Does the Vegan Society Say About Taking Medications If You Are Vegan?

Here in the UK medications are currently tested on animals to gain official approval for release to humans. Some medications may also contain animal-derived ingredients. This can be tricky for vegans.

 The Vegan Society does not advocate refusing to take medication that is needed to maintain health, regardless of the ingredients. As they put it themselves on their website, “The Vegan Society DOES NOT recommend you avoid medication prescribed to you by your doctor - a vegan who is looking after themselves the best they can is an asset to the movement.” You can ask your prescriber if there are alternative medications that do not contain animal products but where alternatives are not available the consensus is that healthy is best.


Vegan-Friendly Products From Simply Meds Online

At Simply Meds Online, we understand the unique needs of vegans and are committed to supporting your health without compromising your ethical principles. We offer a range of vegan-friendly products, including the new Hinnao vegan products.

 Hinnao liquid drops offer a revolutionary new way to take health and wellness-boosting supplements with ease. HINNAO® Technology has pioneered a unique process enabling the transformation of vitamins and supplements into minuscule particles resembling fats. These tiny droplets are administered under the tongue, enabling rapid absorption through blood vessels instead of relying on the digestive system. You can find out more about these exciting vegan drops in this Hinnao blog post.

We also stock several Optibac products that are all vegan, except for the 'Everyday' light blue ones. These trusted and specially formulated probiotic supplements offer targeted and more generalised health-boosting support for all the family (including Optibac for babies and toddlers). Optibac remains one of our more popular products.

Once again, here at Simply Meds Online, we strive to make it easy for you to find the healthcare products you need while adhering to your vegan lifestyle. Have a look at our full (and growing) vegan range as well as the Hinnao liquid drops page.


Supporting Veganism at Simply Meds Online

Here at Simply Meds Online, we work hard to make it easier to follow the lifestyle you want. We continue to offer and build a range of health and wellbeing products that are vegan and sourced from trusted brands and suppliers. 

This World Vegan Month why not take time to learn more about the vegan lifestyle, from the issues surrounding the environment to the health benefits? Awareness events like this also help people to debunk a lot of myths. For example, “Aren’t you always hungry?” is a question vegans are often asked. The answer is, “Absolutely not”. From casseroles to curries and so much more, it’s never been easier to find vegan recipes and it can often be cheaper from a shopping list perspective too. We’ve found some brilliant vegan recipes for your inspiration. 

Whether you are new to the vegan world, an established vegan or simply curious, we are keen to do what we can to help.

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