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Sun Awareness – Great Products  and Advice For Protecting Yourself from the Sun

Sun Awareness – Great Products and Advice For Protecting Yourself from the Sun

Apr 27, 2023 Skin Care

Sun care is something most of us know about but do we really all know and embrace how important it is? It’s easy to overlook suncare when the weather in the UK is rarely very hot. We look at why sun care is important, and offer some great tips, tricks and products to keep everyone sun safe.

Do We Really Need to Worry About Sun in the UK?

The UK is not somewhere people travel to for its hot weather and sunny days. Despite this, the UK sun can still cause damage and that’s the focus of the Sun Awareness Week this year. The event runs from the 1st of May - the 7th of May and as the British Association of Dermatologists are keen to point out, sun protection is very much needed in the UK.


What many people don’t realise is that suncare products don’t just protect from sunburn. Harmful UV rays are also filtered out and it is these that can cause real problems.  For this reason, being sun savvy is something that you need to be aware of all year round. 


Why is it Important to Stay Sun Safe?

Ongoing exposure to the sun, even in the UK, can contribute to the risk of skin cancer. You don’t have to burn for this to happen. This is why using effective sun care is essential, as is taking on board other sun-safe tips. According to skincancer.org , using sun cream with a minimum SPF level of 15 is needed to cut the melanoma risk by fifty percent and drop the risk of a SCC (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) by forty percent. Using a higher SPF level clearly does increase your protection and lowers your risk factor. 

Don’t forget that too much exposure to the sun can also contribute to premature ageing. This includes age spots/discolouration and wrinkles.  Most SPF sun protection contains moisturising products too which can help.

During hot days, whether the sun is shining or not it is important to stay hydrated as dehydration can make us all feel bad and can be especially dangerous for young ones, older people and anyone who has been or is already poorly.


Top Tips for Sun Safety

Other than staying hydrated and using effective sun care products there are other things you can do to protect your skin and your health when out and about. These include:


  • Wear clothing that covers your skin, such as long-sleeved t-shirts. Even thin material is better than none.

  • As the song says, wear sunscreen!

  • Wear a hat that covers your face and neck

  • Stay in the shade whenever possible (remember that temperatures in the shade can still be high so stay hydrated)

  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them


Products that Can Help You Stay Sun Safe

As well as umbrellas and sunshades for the garden or the beach, having products that promote good sun protection to hand is always a good idea. Here at Simply Meds Online, we stock a number of products that will help protect you.


SunScreen for Allergy Prone Skin

What do you do if you have sensitive skin that is prone to allergic reaction but need to apply sun protection? Have a look at the Eucerin Sun Allergy Protection which offers SPF50 and is fragrance free.


Don’t Forget Your Lips

Our lips can burn too and are easily chapped in the sun. The Sun Sense Lip Balm offers SPF50 and contains cocoa butter and vitamin E for a moisturising boost. It’s also water resistant for up to four hours so is ideal for use at the pool or on the beach.


Black Girl Sunscreen

One size does not fit all skin types which is why Black Girl Sunscreen was formulated. This is an eco-conscious brand that offers SPF30 “Make it Glow” protection for melanin rich skin. We’ve written more about this brand and their products on our blog.


Staying Safe in the Sun - In Conclusion

Despite not being known for the best weather it’s still very important to be sun aware in the UK. This means taking precautions such as covering up and using sun care and skin care products that offer the protection you need. Find out more about Sun Awareness Week and make sure that you can enjoy your time outside without having to worry.

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