It's Stoptober - Time To Quit

Oct 16, 2009 Stop Smoking

If you are still a smoker you are probably either reluctant to stop smoking or fail miserably every time you try. We are all aware of the health implications of smoking and yet this knowledge is not enough to deter everyone from smoking. The Government has made it inconvenient to smoke by making it illegal to smoke in public houses, public places and in your car (with children in it). Cigarettes are very expensive, a packet of twenty will set you back nearly ten pounds and you have to ask the shop assistant to open a cupboard to buy them. These measures alone have helped reduce the number of smokers considerably. Public Health England have actively encouraged people to stop smoking with their Stoptober Campaign and have encouraged over 1 million, ‘quit attempts’, over the past two years.

Let’s Talk About Sex

We all know sex sells and maybe if you can improve your sex life this October, when you stop smoking, it would be a good incentive to quit. Here are ways smoking can cause you to be an anti climax in the bedroom:-

Passion Killers

In old movies smokers were always portrayed as being sexy, this concept had a resurgence in the nineties but the reality is quite different. The combined negative effects of smoking can reduce sexual desire and satisfaction. Dating site carried out a survey asking members which qualities they would not like to see in a perspective partner 90% stated that they would not like to date a smoker.

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Breathless Before You Reach The Bedroom

As smoking involves inhaling a cacophony of toxic chemicals into your lungs it stands to reason that it will eventually affect your lung capacity. Although being breathless during the throws of passion is awesome, being puffed out before you even seduce your lover is not. Stop smoking and you will be the lothario you always dreamed of.

Stops You Getting Your Pecker UP

Having and maintaining an erection is essential for a good sex life, however the cigarette that made you look so edgy and sexy can cause erectile dysfunction. An American study, conducted over 20 years, found that 40% of smokers suffered from erectile dysfunction compared to 28% of non smokers. So if you want to make out like a porn star stop smoking.

Chemical Cosh Is An Energy Drain

Carbon monoxide inhaled via cigarette smoke attaches to the hemoglobin in your red blood cells and restricts the amount of oxygen they carry. Oxygen is obviously essential to our well being and a lack of it can drain you of energy. You will feel as if your get up and go has got up and gone. The last thing you are able to do, when you are lethargic, is participate in a horizontal marathon.

Stop Smoking And Freshen Your Breath

Let’s face it, if you smoke your breath stinks and breath fresheners can only mask the underlying stench. If you want to participate in tonsil hockey then stop smoking - otherwise you will be stuck on the sub bench. Hopefully this very cliched post will encourage you to sign up for Stoptober so you can improve your health and subsequently your sex life. If you would like help to stop smoking visit our stop smoking page for a consultation.

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By Parv Sagoo (Oct 2016)

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