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Can Sexually Transmitted Diseases Cause Mental Illness?

Mar 27, 2018 Sexual Health

Can Sexually Transmitted Diseases Cause Mental Illness? Sexually transmitted diseases carry a degree of stigma and shame which causes people to feel bad about themselves. Guilt leads to depression and other mental health problems so having a sexually transmitted disease does affect your mental health.  Syphilis is an STD that directly causes mental health problems if you don’t seek treatment. Unprotected sexual intercourse spreads STDs or STIs.  Sexually transmitted diseases are either bacterial or viral.  Bacterial infections include; Chlamydia, Syphilis and Gonorrhea while HIV and Herpes are viral infections.  Most bacterial infections clear up with antibiotics with little repercussions if caught soon enough. Antivirals control viruses preventing them from causing too much damage. It is important to seek treatment straightway if you suspect you have a sexually transmitted disease because they affect long-term health.  At the very least you risk the heartbreak and mental trauma of infertility. At its worst, you risk early dementia and mental illness.

What Is A Mental Illness?

The brain is so complex and mysterious that even the experts don’t really know how it works. Conditions relating to the brain are either ‘organic’ or psychological.  Organic conditions relate to brain damage which alters different aspects of a person’s personality and ability to do things. Psychological conditions relate to the way we think and process feelings and information we receive.  The symptoms of both can be similar but both require slightly different treatment. Brain damage, viruses, neurological conditions and strokes damage the brain physically.  This makes it difficult for messages from the brain to get to other parts of the body and comprehend situations.  People can overcome some of the damage by retraining their brain to think in a different way. Degenerative conditions like dementia are unrepairable and require special care. Mental illness has many causes and can be chronic or a response to a stressful difficult situation.  It is an invisible illness that has devastating consequences on sufferers and those around them. Most people experience mental illness at sometime in their lives but keep it quiet because there is still a stigma attached to it.  Stress, anxiety, relationship, work or money issues are just a few triggers for stress, depression and anxiety.  Many people manage to carry on with their lives by coping with their illness while others find the condition debilitating.  Symptoms manifest themselves as; suicidal thoughts, loss or increase in appetite, fatigue, restlessness, mood swings, difficulty relating to people, feeling detached from the world and just not coping. Mental illness does not discriminate between age, class and how perfect your life is.  It is very important that you seek treatment because the negative feeling distorts the reality of your life and may have tragic consequences.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Mental Health

STDs are stressful enough to plunge you into a deep depression.  A diagnosis of HIV is extremely traumatic and will require counselling to help you to come to terms with it.  Having recurring herpes is not only uncomfortable but a constant reminder that you have an STD. Infertility due to chlamydia causes untold distress and upset to couples wanting to have a baby.  The impact of STIs on people's mental health is devastating if it affects their future dreams. There is still a stigma with STDs even with a new name (sexually transmitted infections) and older people catching them.  Interestingly the rate of infections is increasing at the same rate of our knowledge of the diseases. Syphilis actually damages the brain possibly causing dementia in the future if left untreated. Many psychotic and mad world leasers had syphilis.  Apart from their crazy leadership styles, there is evidence they were taking arsenic which was a popular syphilis treatment. It is known as the ‘Poison Of Kings’ and ‘The Saviour Of Syphilis’. (Source: JMVH) Sexually transmitted diseases cause untold damage to your mind and body so it is a good idea to avoid catching them in the first place.  To review and purchase treatment for sexually transmitted diseases click here.

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