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Can CBD Oil Help with Menopause Symptoms?

Can CBD Oil Help with Menopause Symptoms?

Apr 13, 2023 CBD


Menopause is a natural process that every woman goes through once she reaches a certain age. We’ve written about perimenopause and menopause in greater detail here. The symptoms associated with menopause vary from person to person, can be quite severe and affect a woman's quality of life. CBD oil has been gaining popularity as a natural remedy for various health issues, including menopause symptoms.


But Isn’t Cannabis Illegal?

CBD oil is not the same as the cannabis “drug”. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, a different compound from the same plant, CBD does not have psychoactive effects and is not intoxicating. Using CBD oil is legal, provided you buy from a reputable seller. 


CBD Products and Menopause Symptoms

Many women experience hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and insomnia during menopause. CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a vital role in regulating various bodily functions. CBD oil may help alleviate these symptoms. 

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can help with pain relief and inflammation associated with menopause. It can also improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety and depression. If this is something you struggle with and are considering CBD, this article from the National Library of Medicine might be an interesting read for you.

An entirely natural product, it’s easy to see why those facing or going through menopause consider or use CBD oil products.


CBD Products From Simply Meds Online

Here at Simply Meds Online, we offer the Vitality CBD range. Vitality CBD is a safe and natural CBD supplement that can be taken daily. It is made from legally sourced and produced CBD oil extracted from hemp plants. Incorporating Vitality CBD into your daily routine can help you maintain a balanced lifestyle. You don’t need a prescription for CBD oil as it isn’t a medication/drug.

CBD oil can be used or taken in various forms, including tinctures, capsules, and edibles. We offer the Vitality CBD drops and sprays, both of which are easy to use and come in various strengths and numerous flavours including lemon, berry or natural. The Vitality CBD Sleep Support Spray is a popular product, blended with lemon chamomile and 5-HTP.  This formulation has been specially designed to help you relax and drift off to sleep naturally. This is something many women can struggle with when navigating the symptom rollercoaster that comes with menopause. Everything feels a little better after a good sleep though.

View the full Vitality CBD range to see what else is available, and to choose not just the type of product or the taste but also the strength that meets your needs.

Please remember that It is essential to choose a high-quality product from a reliable source and consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplements.


Other Products and Medications Worth Mentioning for Menopause Support

As well as CBD-related products there are other medications and products that you can use to help with your menopause symptoms. Gina 10, for example, is a very popular product with a wealth of benefits. You can read more about Gina 10 here. 

Many women consider taking nutritional supplements to ensure they have everything they need during this time of change. Collagen power is very popular, helping to promote healthy skin, hair and nails. It’s easy and convenient to take as it’s tasteless and can be made up in a drink of your choice.

It is also worth talking to your healthcare provider for other products or treatments that might help with your particular symptoms and needs. They may also be able to signpost you to menopause support groups or similar in your local area. Shared experiences are a great way to learn more and to pick up some handy tips and tricks along the way.


Can CBD Help With Menopause Symptoms - In Conclusion

CBD oil shows promise as a natural and safe alternative to traditional menopause-support treatments. Many women have incorporated CBD in their daily wellness routine and have reported positive effects.

If you are experiencing menopause symptoms, consider trying CBD oil as part of your treatment plan. Please remember that CBD products are not a substitute for prescribed medications. Speak to your healthcare provider if on medication already before starting CBD oil treatments.

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