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Home - Fungal Nail Infection
Curanail Loceryl (Amorolfine 5%) Nail Lacquer
Loceryl nail lacquer is used to treat fungal infections. It contains amorolfine which is an antifungal medicine that kills fungi and yeast. Loceryl damages the cell membrane allowing the infection to clear up after a number  Read More

Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infections in the fingers or toes are quite common. They are not usually serious but can be unsightly and unpleasant.

Symptoms of fungal nail infections include: 

  • brittle nails that easily break
  • discolouration of part or all of the nail which can be green, yellow or white
  • thickening of the nails.

On the skin, the most common fungi belongs to the group know as “tinea.” This type of infection is also responsible for fungal nail infections.

Fungal nail infections can be prevented by:

  • keeping your feet clean and dry
  • wearing shoes and socks that are not too tight
  • not allowing your feet to get sweaty or too hot.

These type of infections can be contagious so sharing towels or socks with other people is not advised. Extra care should be taken in communal showers and gyms. Feet should be dried thoroughly and there should be no sharing of footwear, even flip flops.

Patients with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, peripheral arterial disease or psoriasis are more prone to getting fungal nail infections and should seek advice from their GP or specialist before commencing treatment.

Thankfully treatment is available that is clinically proven to eradicate up to 85% of fungal fingernail infections and 75% of toenail infections within six months.