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Why antibacterial soap could make you more prone to coronavirus

May 05, 2020

A doctor has warned that certain antibacterial ingredients in hand soaps could weaken your immune system.

The doctor warned that manmade chemicals triclosan and triclocarban could strip your skin of essential bacterias that live on the skin to protect your body.

“It’s all very well that people are trying to stockpile antibacterial handwash. But it’s been proven that certain antibacterial and antifungal agents which are added to some products can have adverse effects on the immune system,” explained Dr Diana Gall of online service Doctor-4-U.

“Look out for triclosan and triclocarban on labels before purchasing antibacterial handwashes”.

“While these handwash ingredients are not deadly,” clarified Dr Gall, “the use of them every day could break down defences which could put you more at risk of contracting coronavirus”.

However, one doctor has said that this shouldn’t put people off from washing their hands.

Mr Parvinder Sagoo, pharmacist and clinical advisor at SimplyMeds, said that the most important thing is that we are all still washing our hands, despite what we’re using.

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