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How To Treat Fungal Nail Infection When Pregnant

Feb 16, 2018 Fungal Nail Infection

A fungal nail infection occurs on your finger and toenails.  It is not contagious like a virus but spreads in communal showers in gyms and shared houses.  Nails become discoloured and have a rough texture with a fungal nail infection. It is not a serious condition and most people experience it at some stage in their lives. Treating a fungal nail infection is difficult because we use our hand and feet a lot.  Effective treatment requires the application of a protective lacquer on the nail.  This prevents water and sweat from washing the medication away.  Fungal nail treatment is normally safe to use and does not cause serious side effects. Taking medication during pregnancy has to take the effect on the unborn child into consideration.  You must consult your doctor to make sure that fungal nail treatment is safe to use during pregnancy.

What Is A Fungal Nail Infection?

A fungal nail infection occurs on the finger or toenails.  It manifests itself gradually causing nails to become discoloured and thickened.  Nails become brittle and break away from the skin.  Walking or using fingers also becomes uncomfortable. Causes of fungal nail infection include; low immune system, diabetes, wet or sweaty feet, communal showers or damage to the nail.  It is not a serious condition but looks unsightly and makes people feel self-conscious.   Treatments involve antifungal creams or tablets.  Creams are often ineffective because they wash off easily.  The most effective treatment involves a lacquer that protects the medication from washing off. Loceryl is a fungal nail infection treatment that contains amorolfine. Amorolfine is a topical treatment for fungal infections.  Lacquer stops the Amorolfine from washing away and slowly treats the infection.  Treatment is applied a couple of times a week.

Amorolfine And Pregnancy

Amorolfine treats fungal nail infections with few side effects.  There are certain circumstances Amorolfine should not be taken.  Pregnant women must inform their doctor before treating their nails.  It is not clear how amorolfine affects the unborn baby so it is wise to seek medical guidance before you use it. It is important to limit the amount of medication taken during pregnancy because it can harm the unborn baby.  Doctors prescribe medication if it is beneficial for the mother to take it.  Delaying treatment for fungal nail infections is advisable during pregnancy. Breastfeeding mothers should not use fungal nail treatment because it is unsafe.  

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments will reduce fungal nail infection symptoms without endangering the pregnancy.  Tea tree oil, bicarbonate of soda, cornmeal, white wine vinegar, mouthwash, garlic and lavender oil are natural remedies.  They don’t cause serious side effects but require the affected nail to be covered to stop the treatment from washing off. Fungal nail infection is not dangerous and treating it can wait until it won’t cause problems with the pregnancy.  Your doctor will tell you if you are able to treat your fungal nail infection after the baby is born. To review and purchase treatment for fungal nail infection please click here.

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