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Stop Smoking And Reap The Benefits

Aug 23, 2016 Stop Smoking

Health studies in Finland and the UK have shown that the risks of certain types of stroke have reduced since they encouraged their citizens to, ‘Stop Smoking’. In terms of health initiatives this is an awesome result and people are directly benefiting from government legislation. The profile of smoking has really taken a hit since it is prohibited to smoke in pubs and public places, even buying cigarettes has become more difficult as they have become under counter products. Smokers are forced to smoke outside and look really uncool, the price has gone up and now that we hardly smell cigarette smoke it seems to be more revolting than ever before.

History Of Smoking?

Humans have been smoking tobacco in one form or another since 5000 BC so it is understandable that it is a hard habit to break. Smoking originated in the Americas and was a pastime enjoyed by native Indian tribes - they actually smoked hallucinogenic drugs as well. Europeans didn’t get introduced to tobacco until the 16th century, ironically it was marketed as healthy and ever so cool. People would smoke at work, hospitals and in the movies simply because they didn’t know how unhealthy the habit actually was. Children as young a six became smokers and developed a lifelong addiction. Doctors such as Eleazer Duncan warned of the dangers of smoking in 1606 but their concerns fell on deaf ears because the habit was too lucrative and too enjoyable to stop. Cigarette companies used to use health as part of their advertising campaign eventually leading to lawsuits by very ill people. For a while smoking was hardly seen in films or television but now actors are seen smoking fake cigarettes to add edge or fit in with the smoking habits of the period the in which the film was set.

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Why Should I Stop Smoking?

Some of us still find it difficult to stop smoking and finding the will power and inspiration to give up is often quite stressful and difficult to achieve. If you manage to conquer the, ‘cancer sticks’, and quit you will save much more than your life. Here are a few good reasons to stop smoking:- You will become instantly more attractive - no one wants to kiss an ashtray. You will become richer - a 20 a day habit costs £50 a week, which is £2000 a year. Imagine what you could do with that amount of money. Your house will smell fresh and won’t have a sticky yellow coating - yuck. You will be able to breathe again. Your energy levels will increase. You will have better sex - cool! Food will taste delicious. Your teeth will be whiter and breath freshener. You will live longer and healthier. You will see your friends and family more because they won’t have to worry about passive smoking. You will reduce your risk of getting cancer or having a stroke. These sound like really good reasons to quit but trying to stop smoking is harder than we think.

How To Stop Smoking

First of all you need to want to do it for yourself otherwise you will find it even harder to give up. Here are some tips, none of them are easy and require willpower but think about that all inclusive holiday to help inspire you:- Go cold turkey - just give up completely and find something else to do with your hands. Nicotine patches - they help you to change your habits while reducing the nicotine levels decrease in your system. Take a course of tablets that will reduce the nicotine levels as part of a programme. Consult your local chemist or doctors, they have support programmes to help you. Change your habits and avoid situations that involved you lighting up. Keep away from your smoker friends or encourage them to give up too. Never give up giving up - you’ll get there in the end even if it takes a few tries. If you are ready to stop smoking and are interested in a consultation to see if nicotine replacement tablets are the way forward please visit our stop smoking page and we will be happy to help.

If you would like to review treatment to stop smoking please CLICK HERE

By Parv Sagoo (Aug 2016)

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