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Stop Smoking In 2019 And Save Money

Jan 02, 2018 Stop Smoking

January is the time to review your life and make resolutions to improve it.  One of the most common changes people try to make is to stop smoking.  Being aware of the health benefits of giving up isn’t always enough to motivate us to give up smoking cigarettes. Smoking is an addictive habit that we also associate with actions, scents and comfort.  Stress provokes us to light up and we believe that inhaling over 70 toxic chemicals is going to solve all of our problems.  The smell of cigarettes is comforting if it reminds you of a caring family member.  Our body also craves nicotine which also makes it difficult to stop smoking. Every year smoking becomes more expensive and the cost is yet another burden on tight finances.  Costs relating to smoking go far beyond the price of a packet of twenty cigarettes.

Health Insurance

Smoking is such a risky habit that health insurance premiums increase by 44%.  People who use vaping as a way to stop smoking are not immune to price hikes.  When you inhale the toxic chemical cocktail you are making yourself vulnerable to many life-threatening diseases. Health insurance companies freak out and charge you more for your policy because they are more likely to have to pay out. According to, ‘Go Compare’, you have to have given up smoking and any form of nicotine replacements for a year before your premium reduces.  Claiming that you are a non-smoker if you smoke is fraudulent and has serious consequences.  This kind of price increase is a very good reason to stop smoking in 2019.

Home Insurance

Policy Expert’, advises people who are considering purchasing home insurance to stop smoking. This is because lighting up presents a fire risk it is not clear how much your policy increases if you are a smoker but it is an avoidable expense.  Adding a smoker to your insurance policy increases the premium.   If your house goes on fire and you have visitors who smoke the policy becomes invalid.  Informing your insurance company that smokers live in the property will ensure that you will be able to make a claim on your policy.

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Dental Costs

Your teeth and gums suffer serious damage due to smoking. The tar in cigarettes stain teeth and can cause gum disease, tooth loss and cancer.  If you don’t stop smoking you will have to see the dental hygienist and receive more dental treatment.   NHS dental treatment costs between £20.60 and £222.30 depending on the level of work required. While private treatment costs considerably more.  This is as good a reason as any to stop smoking this year.

Smoking Costs

Philip Hammond increased tobacco duty by 2% in March 2017.  This means that a packet of twenty cigarettes costs just under nine pounds.  Most people smoke more than one packet a week meaning that the expenditure increases drastically. If you smoke twenty cigarettes a day you will spend approximately £3,285 pounds a year on your habit.  This is a considerable amount of money and can really make difference to your life.  All you need to do is make a serious decision to stop smoking.  Stop smoking apps include the financial gains you make while quitting.

Beauty Treatment

If you are self-conscious about your looks choosing to stop smoking is the best beauty treatment you can use. Smoking causes wrinkles because the toxic chemicals weaken the collagen in your skin causing it to sag. Smokers also get wrinkles around their lips which looks like a cat’s bum when you pucker up. When you stop smoking you save money on cigarettes and on expensive beauty treatment.  

Stop Smoking Aids

2019 is a wonderful year to stop smoking because there is so much support.  First of all the smoking ban in pubs and public places makes it a highly unsociable habit.  Free phone apps encourage you twenty-four seven while support groups motivate you.  Nicotine replacements like patches, gum and sprays help to curb cravings and e-cigarettes help you to reduce nicotine gently. Champix is a course of treatment that helps you to stop smoking by copying the effects of nicotine on your body.  You gradually decrease the strength of the treatment until you no longer feel the need to smoke. Some people just stop smoking and have the willpower never to smoke again but it is very difficult. If you stop smoking you will be healthier and have the potential to earn more money and save for dream holidays, home improvements or rainy days.  

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By Parv Sagoo (Jan 2019)

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