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Is Premature Ejaculation Grounds For Divorce?

Feb 24, 2018 Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a frustrating condition that has a negative impact on relationships. Coming too quickly disrupts sexual intercourse, reduces confidence and ruins intimacy.  Medically premature ejaculation occurs within 90 seconds of intercourse.  Couples seek treatment if they want sex to last longer. There are two types of premature ejaculation; primary and secondary.  Primary starts as soon as you become sexually active and is probably genetical.  While secondary PE suddenly happens after a normal sex life. Treatment includes; talk therapy, masturbation, delay techniques and couples therapy. Marriages break down for a variety of reasons and lack of intimacy or sexual disappointment extenuates the problem.  It is unlikely that premature ejaculation is grounds for divorce alone but is one issue contributing to the breakdown of the marriage.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is when a man comes too quickly during intercourse.  Some men have the condition from their teenage years while others once or twice in a lifetime.  It causes upset and embarrassment as well as jeopardizing relationships. Sex becomes so frustrating that intimacy ends altogether. It normally affects younger men but men of all ages can experience premature ejaculation. There are a number of causes including; lack of experience, performance anxiety, stress, new relationship, nerve damage and bad sexual experiences.  Lifelong or primary starts during adolescence while acquired or secondary PE occurs at any age.  Primary premature ejaculation has a psychological basis due to negative sexual experiences.  Some scientists suggest that PE is also due to genetics. Secondary premature ejaculation occurs after many years of good sexual experiences.  The excitement of a new relationship or stress at work causes unexpected PE.  This is normally a one-off event and normally corrects itself in time. If it persists it could be due to an underlying health condition so you should visit your doctor. Treatments include; antidepressants (Priligy), anaesthetic creams, counselling and sexual technique exercises.  Priligy is an antidepressant taken a few hours before intercourse and effectively delays ejaculation.  Anesthetic creams reduce the sensitivity of the penis and sexual technique exercises help men to control their orgasms.  Counselling deals with psychological and relationship issues relating to Premature ejaculation.

Is PE Grounds For Divorce?

Divorcing your spouse is a very difficult decision to make because it means that the relationship has completely broken down.  There are five legal reasons people file for divorce including; adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, two years and five years separation.  Premature ejaculation alone is not grounds for divorce but the negative impact it has on the relationship may be. Adultery involves extramarital sex and must be provable.  Divorce occurs because the innocent party finds the situation intolerable. Sexual dissatisfaction leads to an affair so premature ejaculation could be responsible for adultery.  There will be other aspects of the relationship that have gone wrong to drive the offending person away.  The person having the affair cannot file for divorce themselves so the injured party has to. Unreasonable behaviour is the main reason people file for divorce.  Violence or controlling behaviour is one of the main reasons divorce occurs.  Other reasons include; bad money management, spending too much time at work, lack of social interaction and sexual intercourse.  Premature ejaculation can reduce intimacy so much that it stops sexual intercourse altogether. Desertion is rarely used and it involves the person being away for two years.  Couples who have been separated for two years can divorce as long as both parties agree.  After five years no consent is required. Premature ejaculation alone is not a grounds for divorce but it plays an important role in contributing to divorce proceedings. If you would like to review and purchase treatment for premature ejaculation click here.

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