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Period Delay Over Christmas

Dec 20, 2017 Period Delay

Christmas is a chaotic time where kith and kin pile into the family home or explorers flee to hot or snowy destinations.  Period delay may be a good option if you find yourself swapping beds, swimming in blue oceans or struggling into a ski suit. If you take the contraceptive pill you can miss your period by taking two packs back to back.   Norethisterone is a medication that enables period delay if you do not take the contraceptive pill.  It works by maintaining the level of progesterone so that the womb lining does not shed to cause a period. It is possible to get pregnant while taking this treatment because it is not a contraceptive. You must take Norethisterone correctly otherwise period delay might not work.  You will still suffer some period symptoms but not bleed while delaying your period this way.

Period Delay

Period delay is not harmful if only done occasionally.  It is not possible to use natural methods to delay your period because hormones play a very important part in the process.   Most women choose period delay if menstrual bleeding is going to be inconvenient.  The main reasons for period delay include; honeymoon, beach holidays and expeditions, skiing holidays. If there are lots of you staying in the same house over Christmas, period delay can make life a lot easier. Having regular periods is a sign that you are healthy and not pregnant.  If you miss periods and are not pregnant you may have an underlying health condition and should see your doctor.  Most women feel relief when they have a period except of course if it is an important occasion. Most women start menstruation by the time they are in their early teens. They continue to have a period approximately every 28 days until they reach their mid-fifties.  The menstrual cycle prepares the womb for a fertilized egg if there isn’t one they have a period. As well as bleeding symptoms include; mood swings, period pain, headaches, bloating and tender breasts.


Norethisterone is a treatment that enables period delay.  It works by working on the receptors in the body to copy and exaggerate the presence of progesterone.  When progesterone levels drop the womb sheds its lining causing menstrual bleeding.  Maintaining progesterone levels causes period delay. You take one tablet three times a day starting four to five days before you are due to start your period.  Continue taking Norethisterone for as long as necessary your periods will return three days after you stop taking it.  Make sure you follow the instructions carefully or it may not work.  Minor side effects include; bloating, stomach pains, bloating and breast tenderness.  Less common side effects include; difficulty breathing, wheezy chest, feeling faint, swelling and skin rash.  Some people have a greater risk of blood clotting as a result of period delay in this way.  If you are overweight, have a history of blood clots, are immobile or have a history of miscarriage this medication may not be suitable for you. This type of medication is not a contraceptive so you will still need to use either condoms, IUDs or other barrier methods to prevent pregnancy. If you are having a chaotic Christmas, Winter in the sun or going skiing and your period is due you may want to consider period delay.  To review and purchase treatment for period delay please click here.

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