Is Norethisterone All It's Cracked Up To Be?

Apr 18, 2005 Period Delay

Norethisterone is hitting the headlines because it is now available online without prescription.  It delays periods so that menstrual bleeding doesn’t spoil special days and holidays. The question is whether Norethisterone is too good to be true and if it is safe to take without a prescription.  It works by artificially maintaining the level of progesterone tricking your body into maintaining the womb lining. A drug that stops menstruation is going to have some risks especially if you have conditions relating to blood clotting.  Sceptics question whether we are able to self-prescribe the treatment safely. Online sites that sell such medication are regulated and have to ask a series of questions before they will sell Norethisterone.  If you answer the questions honestly you will be able to purchase them safely. Another question is if it is safe for women to be able to take Norethisterone as often as they wish. Ideally, it is a one-off treatment for special occasions which is only taken regularly if you have a health condition that causes heavy heavy periods. It is important that you are aware of the implications of taking Norethisterone to avoid an adverse reaction.

So What Is Norethisterone Anyway?

Norethisterone is a progestogen that works on the receptors on the body copying the effects of the hormone progesterone.  This stops the womb lining from shedding so you don’t have a period. The womb lining continues to thicken until you stop taking Norethisterone.  It is not contraception so you will still get pregnant while taking the treatment. Sounds perfect - No periods and easily available yay! So what’s the rub?  As with everything that makes life easier there is always a payoff.  Delaying your period using Norethisterone just stops the bleeding but not those pesky PMT symptoms.  So you will be able to wear that lovely white bikini but feel bloated with tender breasts and low mood swings.  When you stop taking the period delay treatment your next period may be a tsunami of womb lining and blood clots.  This is why they are only suitable for short-term use. What Are The Side Effects? Anything that interferes with the hormones in your body is going to have side effects.  Some people are lucky and are completely fine only benefiting from taking the tablets. Others suffer wheezing, breathing difficulties, feeling faint, swelling and itchy rash.  If you have a history of blood clots are overweight or have recurrent miscarriages Norethisterone is not the tablet for you. You also need to check if the medication you are taking reacts negatively with Norethisterone to avoid complications.

Is It Worth The Risks?

If you answer the questions truthfully and are aware of the possible side effects you will be able to successfully delay your period.  It should be taken occasionally so that it has little impact on your menstrual cycle. If you do wish to delay your period for longer than a couple of weeks an appointment with your doctor is essential.  Stop taking Norethisterone if you suffer from any adverse side effects and consult your doctor immediately. To review and purchase Norethisterone please click here.

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