Fungal Nail Infection From Pedicure

May 24, 2018 Fungal Nail Infection

A fungal nail infection becomes more visible during the Summer due to wearing flip flops and sandals.  Women who wear nail polish only realise they have a problem as their toenail becomes thicker.  Most fungal nail infections begin at the edges of the nail and spread to the centre. The infections cause the nail to discolour and eventually become thicker.  Nails eventually become brittle and start to fall apart. You can’t catch a fungal nail infection in the same way you catch a cold but it does spread through shower beds and towels.  A shoe is the most perfect place for a fungal nail infection to thrive because it is hot, sweaty and damp. Most establishments specialising in nails and feet do not treat feet with fungal nail infections.   A pedicure is a treatment for nails and feet they serve therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.  They remove dead skin from your feet and make your nails look stunning. Pedicures are popular in the beauty industry and are often available in salons and hotel spas.

What Is A Fungal Nail Infection?

A fungal nail infection affects toe and fingernails.  We have fungus all over our body and they only become a problem if they overgrow.  They thrive in warm moist environments like your shoe or frequent washing up. People most commonly get fungal nail infections on their toenails because it is more difficult to keep them dry. People who are more likely to get such an infection include; diabetics, people with poor circulation, over 65, have artificial nails, public swimming pool, damage to the nails and a weak immune system.  People with diabetes need to be particularly careful because infections in their toes may lead to serious problems. The infection starts around the edge of the nail causing discolouration and eventual thickening.  Nails become brittle and start breaking up once the infection takes hold. Treatment involves antifungal cream which destroys the cells of the fungus.  A conventional cream is not very successful because it gets wet and washes off inside your shoe so Loceryl which is a lacquer is more effective. It seals the treatment in allowing it to work without coming off the nail.

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What Is A Pedicure?

Most women have a pedicure as a treat because it is relaxing and makes your feet and nails look beautiful. There are a variety of treatments including dry skin removal, nail shaping and the use of Garra rufa fish. Reputable establishments don’t treat people with fungal nail infections to prevent the spread of infection.  All salons and spas follow a regime to ensure fungal nail infections don’t spread. The Ancient Egyptians took great care of their feet and nails and Cleopatra allegedly wore red nail varnish. Pedicures are to feet what manicures are to hands and providing both services is big business all over the world.  Every time you go for a pedicure you risk catching fungal nail infections so how do you determine how high risk an establishment is? Here is a quick list of things to look out for in beauty salons and spas; Do they have a licence? Does the water bowl look clean and do they empty it after every treatment? Do they disinfect all utensils and bowls after use?  Do they assess how healthy your feet are and do you get a fresh towel to use? (Source: health.howstuffworks) It is also a good idea to look at online reviews and go to salons your friends go to thus ensuring a low risk of infection.  You must notify the pedicurist if you believe you have a fungal nail infection. To review and purchase treatment for a fungal nail infection please click here. by Birpal Virdee (Nov 2018)

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