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  • Doctor warns ingredients in some antibacterial soaps could ‘weaken your immune system’

Doctor warns ingredients in some antibacterial soaps could ‘weaken your immune system’

May 05, 2020

A UK doctor has warned that two ingredients sometimes found in antibacterial handwash could be weakening your immune system. Dr Diana Gall, of online service Doctor-4-U, says you should watch out for antimicrobial ingredients triclosan and triclocarban when choosing which soap to buy. ‘It’s all very well that people are trying to stockpile antibacterial handwash. But it’s been proven that certain antibacterial and antifungal agents which are added to some products can have adverse effects on the immune system,’ Dr Diana explains. ‘Look out for triclosan and triclocarban on labels before purchasing antibacterial handwashes.’

She says that these strong, man-made chemicals can strip the skin of useful bacterias which live on it to protect our bodies – which can reduce our immune safety net.

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