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Coming To Terms With Hair Loss

Jun 25, 2016 Male Hair Loss / Alopecia

Some men embrace hair loss and are quite happy to sport shaved heads, while others cannot come to terms with losing their hair.  It's long been debated that many Women find Men with shaved heads more attractive.  If you are experiencing hair loss, and don’t want to lose more hair, there are hair loss treatments available which can help to prevent further hair loss.


What Causes Hair Loss?

Ironically hair loss can be be caused by too much of the male hormone testosterone.  Other causes are sensitive hair follicles that die easily.  When men have hair loss it is described as, ‘male pattern baldness’. Male hair loss is perfectly natural and men lose hair over the course of their lives. Hair loss either starts the at the temples or the whirl of hair at the top of your head. The former causes a receding hairline while the latter causes the Dracula shaped hairline at the front.  There is no definite pattern to hair loss, and scientists haven’t find out how the hair follicles die out in the way they do. Men who have lost hair as part of the natural aging process tend to accept hair loss easier than younger men who have lost hair in their early twenties. View the NHS website for more information on types of hair loss,

Negative Effects Of Hair Loss

Hollywood actors such as; Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Patrick Stewart haven’t let having a bald head ruin their career but for many hair loss is very distressing.  Men who suffer early hair loss can suffer low self esteem and a negative self image, while older men can get upset because it is an indication that they are getting old. It is very understandable how hair loss can make you unhappy especially when your hair becomes wispy and you are tempted to have a comb over.  You can either embrace your hair loss or have treatment.

Hair Loss Treatment

If snake oil, ground up mice or castration doesn’t appeal to you, a hair transplant or taking a hair loss medication may be the preferred option.  Hair loss treatments including the DHT hormone, which can reverse the effects of mild hair loss and in some cases hair can grow back.  Your hair has a cycle of growing and thinning. This occurs over a four year period so hair is lost every day.  Fortunately your hair has different growth patterns so you won’t go completely bald during each growth cycle.  On average, hair grows about 1 cm every month. If you are suffering hair loss that is having a detrimental effect on your life you should make an appointment with your doctor to discuss hair loss treatment.

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By Birpal Virdee (August 2017)

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