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5 Unusual Asthma Symptoms

Jul 14, 2017 Asthma

Asthma is when the lungs become inflamed restricting airflow and breathing.  The majority of people have mild asthma and are able to control it using medication and avoiding triggers.  Some have severe asthma and the consequences of an attack can be fatal.  There are many different triggers that provoke an attack including; pollen, change in temperature, dust, smoke, allergies and acid reflux. We are all familiar with common symptoms such as; wheezing, breathlessness and a tight cough but not with subtle unusual symptoms that you wouldn’t immediately associate with asthma.  Here are some unexpected symptoms.

Hacking Dry Cough

If you have ever had a persistant cough that encourages you to try to clear your lungs but never produces phlegm then you may have asthma.  The cough is caused by the aioli in the lungs becoming inflamed and tricking the body in believing that the lungs are congested.  The cough only lasts as long as the trigger is present and disappears as soon as it has gone.  If you do have this type of cough think about when it occurs and what could be causing it.


Do you sigh a lot? Well it may not because you are whimsical or bored - you may in fact have asthma.  Sighing possibly readdresses the balance of air entering and leaving your lungs due to the airways becoming narrower.  Make sure that you tell your doctor that you sigh a lot because it may help them to diagnose you correctly.


We cannot survive without oxygen so it stands to reason that a reduced lung capacity is going to affect us in all sorts of negative ways. When the body is starved of oxygen muscle cells become less efficient and we feel tired.  Sufferers can count fatigue as an unexpected symptom which is worth mentioning to your doctor next time you visit.

Difficulty Sleeping

Another reason why you may be feeling tired could be due to sleep disturbances caused by; chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing during the night. Lack of sleep can make life more difficult and cause your daytime asthma symptoms to worsen.

Asthma And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can trigger asthma attacks because the body’s chemistry changes when we feel these emotions.  It is therefore very important for you to find ways to deal with these emotions or indeed avoid stressful situations altogether.

Rapid Breathing

When you have asthma your lung capacity decreases causing you to literally fight for breath.  Breathing becomes shallow and more rapid because your body instinctively tries to draw more oxygen in.  When you are tested for asthma you will have a Peak Flow test which will look to see what your maximum lung capacity is.  Sufferers will have reduced capacity and will be prescribed medication that reduces inflammation and increases lung capacity. If you suspect you have asthma are already diagnosed as asthmatic and require medication click here for an online consultation.

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