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5 Reasons To Stop Smoking

Jul 09, 2017 Stop Smoking

Trying to stop smoking is difficult for a number of reasons including; addiction, habit, gaining comfort from the smell and the belief that it helps to relieve stress.  We all know smoking is bad for our health, especially now that the iconic cigarette packets are adorned with cancerous tumours and threats of blindness.  Asking for a packet of cigarettes these days is similar to buying magazines off the, ‘top shelf’ and finding an acceptable place to enjoy a quick drag is extremely difficult.  The decision to stop smoking has to be our own otherwise we end up reverting to teenage traits and smoking out of rebellion.  Here are five reason that may give you the motivation to stop smoking.

Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Metaphorically speaking of course, but it is no joke no that packets of ten have become extinct and only packets of twenty are now available to buy.  You cannot buy a packet of cigarettes for less than £8.82,  so a twenty a day habit would cost just over £3000 a year.  If you are earning a touch above the minimum wage it will take you over an hour to earn enough money to pay for every pack of twenty you smoke.  An incentive to stop smoking would be to consider what you could buy with the £3000 you set on fire each day; a holiday a deposit for a car, money towards a new kitchen or savings in the bank.  

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Cat Butt Mouth

If you are a seasoned smoker you may have to invest a lot of money in Botox if you want to avoid a, ‘Cat Butt Mouth’ (Source: Quitsmoking.com).  After years of puffing on cigarettes you will get lines around your mouth that give the appearance of a cat’s behind when you pucker your lips.  If you are slightly vain and want an excuse to stop smoking then this may be it, as smokers lines are very aging and your skin will start to look like tissue paper.  If you stop smoking you will also save money on anti aging creams so you are a winner straight away.

Smell and Taste Better

Not only will your sense of taste and smell improve if you stop smoking you will also smell and taste better.  There is nothing more pungent than the smell of stale cigarette smoke and the fact that we don’t experience the smell much these days means that the aroma is even more abhorrent. Combine that with a mouth that tastes like an ashtray and you become extremely undesirable.

Stop Smoking and Get Whiter Teeth

Smoking causes your teeth to get stained a horrible yellow colour similar to the sticky coating you used to see on pub walls.  If you stop smoking you will save money on cigarettes and on teeth whitening products.  The acid in cigarette smoke also causes teeth to decay so if you want to smell awful and be completely unkissable then don’t stop smoking.

Get Out Of The Rain

Smoking when the sun is out can be very appealing but wait until you face torrential rain - it’s not that cool anymore.  If you are at work you cannot smoke in the building because it is illegal to smoke in public places, therefore you are forced to stand outside in some dodgy back street.  Stop smoking and take more toilet breaks to get away from your desk. If you would like to stop smoking and would like to try treatments to help you click here for a free consultation.

If you would like to review treatment to stop smoking please CLICK HERE

By Parv Sagoo (July 2017)

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