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When Will Hair Loss Be Cured?

Aug 15, 2017 Male Hair Loss / Alopecia

Hair loss for some men is an apocalyptic event, for others, it is just a fact of life and time to, ‘Die Hard’,  like Bruce Willis.   Male pattern baldness can happen at any age and generally runs in families.  So if Grandpa Joe and your Dad are bald, chances are you will have hair loss too.  If you have a health condition or are taking medication hair loss could be a side effect. More information and advice about hair loss can be viewed on the NHS website. Male pattern baldness can take a number of forms; thinning at the temples and crown, receding (M shaped) hairline or complete loss.  There are treatments for hair loss but their success is varied and doesn’t always solve the problem.  Elton John and Wayne Rooney are two people you would think would be confident enough to deal with hair loss but resorted to hair transplants.


Does It Make Me Less Of A Man?

Most definitely not!  Hair loss is a genetic condition caused by the production of  Dihydrotestosterone ( DHT) which is a byproduct of Testosterone. Yes, testosterone - I have highlighted it just in case you missed it.  Apparently, the DHT attaches itself to the follicles of your hair and causes it to shrink.  Hair loss is not generally a sign of an underlying health condition - just a natural stage in life.  If you take into consideration that testosterone plays a major role in hair loss - then you are all man!.

Ancient Remedies

Ancient Egyptians: Recite a spell to the sun god.  Then swallow a concoction of; Alabaster, onions, honey, red lead and iron.  Or you could place pieces of lettuce on your bald patches in reference to Min - the Egyptian god of virility. Indian Civilisations: Ayurveda - a tonic made from boiled sage leaves and coconut oil was meant to revitalise the pigment in hair and encourage growth.  You could try Indian gooseberries and coconut oil. 12th Century England: A Wiccan witch, potion book, candle, boiling water and dirt apparently encouraged hair growth. Americas (Victorian Times): Believed brushing hair stimulated hair growth.  Unfortunately over brushing your hair can cause the shaft to get damaged and weakened. (Source: Justnohairloss.com)

Hair Loss Treatment Today

If wearing a lettuce leaf doesn’t appeal to you then maybe you would like to try Finasteride or Propecia.  Both are used to treat male pattern hair loss and encourages hair growth.  A recent five-year study found that 90% of balding men experienced no further hair loss and even reported hair growth after taking Finasteride.  There is one major downside to taking medication to reduce hair loss and that is the effect on your libido.  Some men find it difficult to have and maintain an erection, a decrease in sexual desire and a reduction in semen produced.  It would seem that life continues to be cruel in the sense that you will have a fine head of hair but may lose your mojo. Ultimately the best cure is how you deal with it.  Some men go to talking therapy to help them come to terms with it. As soon as you accept that this is your new look you can begin to enjoy being the best you can be.  

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By Birpal Virdee (September 2017)


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