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Unwanted Facial Hair And Hormones

May 31, 2018 Unwanted Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair and hormones drive women crazy.  A hormone imbalance generally causes hirsutism or unwanted facial hair which causes low self-esteem and a negative self-image. Society looks unkindly on women with unwanted facial hair making the condition harder to bear.  We live in a world of selfies and photos of ourselves having fun and unwanted facial is not a welcome accessory. Conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and hypothyroidism cause hirsutism due to the effect they have on our hormones.  Other reasons you may have unwanted facial hair include; eating disorders, malnutrition and Pick’s disease. Some women are genetically more prone to having unwanted facial hair without a medical reason. If you suddenly develop hirsutism it is likely to be due to an underlying health condition which affects your hormones.  Treating your health condition won’t always prevent unwanted hair growth but will help to make you feel better. There are a variety of hair removal treatments available to help you to regain your confidence.

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What Causes Unwanted Facial Hair? Hirsutism is unwanted hair growth on parts of the body frequently seen in men.  Hair grows on in the following places; stomach, chest, thighs, lower back and on the face.  Some women also experience an irregular menstrual cycle and a host of other symptoms which indicates the cause is due to an underlying health condition.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

The main causes of hirsutism are health conditions affecting hormone production.  Polycystic ovaries (PCOS) is a common condition that causes unwanted facial hair. Sufferers normally have irregular periods because it makes egg release more difficult.  An increase of androgens (male hormones) in the in your body promotes hair growth in places more common in men. Other symptoms include weight gain and hair loss from your head.  You are also likely to feel low moods especially as it affects fertility. There is no cure for PCOS so you have to treat the symptoms by adopting a healthy lifestyle, using hair removal products and fertility treatment.  In severe cases, surgery is necessary to remove the tissue responsible for generating the androgens.

Underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)

An underactive thyroid means you produce fewer hormones than normal. This results in a hormone imbalance which affects metabolism, energy and hair growth.  Symptoms include; fatigue, weight increase, low moods, sensitive to the cold, dry skin and hair and aching muscles. Hypothyroidism is a debilitating condition affecting all aspects of a woman’s life.  Diagnosis is through a blood test which determines the efficiency of your thyroid. Men, women and children are all prone to the condition including newborn babies. This is a lifelong condition requiring treatment to help regulate your thyroid.  

Eating Disorders And Malnutrition

If you suffer from anorexia, bulimia or are not eating enough food a fine layer of hair grows on your body.  This is lanugo and it protects the body it is the same as the layer of hair on newborn babies. This type of hair growth is different from hormonal hair growth because it is reversible.  As soon as healthy eating resumes the hair falls off. Eating disorders are psychological illnesses and often difficult for family and friends to understand. Recovery is difficult and requires a great deal of support. Many people who recover from such eating disorders have to fight them for the rest of their lives.  They may also suffer organ damage due to starving their body of nutrients. If you believe your hair growth is lanugo it is important to seek medical help to access the correct treatment.


There are a variety of ways to remove unwanted facial hair including; shaving, waxing, threading, depilatory cream, laser treatment and cream that reduces hair growth.  Most people choose the method that suits their lifestyle and budget. No treatment is permanent but some are more effective than others. To review and purchase treatment for unwanted facial hair please click here. By Birpal Virdee (April 2018)

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