STDs That Look Like Strep Throat

May 26, 2018 Condoms and Sexual Health

STDs are sexually transmitted diseases that spread through sexual intercourse.  Blow jobs, cunnilingus, giving head and deep throat are other names for oral sex.  Oral sex involves stimulating the female and male genitals with your tongue. If your partner has STDs and you participate in oral sex it is likely to spread into your mouth. Young people, in particular, consider oral sex to be safe because it doesn’t lead to pregnancy.  However, doctors consider oral sex to be far from safe due to the risk of infection. Mouths and throats, in particular, provide perfect moist breeding grounds for STDs to thrive.  Gonorrhoea causes strep throat and has few visible symptoms. The body usually manages to destroy the infection itself but doesn’t stop the spread of STDs if you have oral sex while you have it. Safe sex is not just about preventing pregnancy it is also about avoiding STDs.  STDs are infections just like any other and spread in the same way. If you are not sure about your partner’s sexual history it is prudent to take precautions regarding sharing bodily fluids.

What Are STDs?

STDs are also sexually transmitted infections and venereal disease.  Anyone who has sex is susceptible to catching them and they are not very sexy.  There are three main types of STD; bacterial, viral and lice. Bacterial STIs include Gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia antibiotics clear up these conditions effectively.  Herpes and HIV are viruses, they are incurable but are manageable with antivirals. Lice and crabs are little creatures that inhabit our pubic hair and suck our blood special lice treatment gets rid of them.  Genital warts are also spread through sexual intercourse and are treatable. Sexually transmitted diseases lower your immune system and make it easier to catch others.  Symptoms of these diseases vary from being unnoticeable to pus, redness and pain the damage they do to the fallopian tubes leads to infertility.  People who have lots of sex with people they don’t know need to get regular check-ups at either a sexual health (GUM Clinic) or doctors surgery. It is important to use condoms and avoid oral sex to prevent the spread of STDs.

Oral Gonorrhea

The most common occurrence of STDs in the throat is oral gonorrhoea.  Most people with it don’t even know they have it and those that do only suffer a sore throat.  It normally takes one to three weeks for the symptoms to show. Most of the time it goes away without the sufferer contracting gonorrhoea.  If it doesn’t go away on its own antibiotics normally treat it successfully. In rare cases, the disease spreads around the body and the sufferer contracts the full-blown infection. The only ways to prevent the transmission of oral gonorrhoea is to use a condom, avoid oral sex or make sure your partner does not have the infection. Regarding STDs, it is important that caution is taken to avoid spreading infection.  Don’t assume oral sex is safe sex because you still risk catching sexually transmitted diseases.   To review and purchase treatment for STDs please click here. By Birpal Virdee (May 2018)

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