Quit smoking and make a fresh start to your health and the new year

Feb 12, 2021 Smoking

Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking. If you are reading this article, chances are you either considering it, or you have already decided to make a fresh start and are well on your way to becoming smoke-free. To quit smoking is certainly not for the feint-hearted and it may be challenging at first, but millions of people have done it and so can you!

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), smoking of tobacco cigarettes is one of the leading causes ofmouth and lung disease,mouth and lung cancer, respiratory illness and impoverishment across the world.  Smoking is more than just nicotine addiction and that is why it is almost impossible for so many people to quit. Few people realise, however, that it takes the body no more than three days to get rid of nicotine, but for those who cannot do it on their own, it is better to seek help.You, your family, relatives and friends will benefit from it if you decide to quit smoking.

There are five basic steps to quit smoking:

1. Think about why you should or want to quit smoking.

2. Then decide to quit smoking and keep to this decision.

3. Decide on a date and prepare yourself to stop.

4. Quit smoking.

5. Stay away from cigarettes and smoking - never start again.

When it comes to methods, or the rights and wrongs about how to quit smoking, remember that people differ. What may have helped one person, may not work for another, so be prepared to do consider different methods and treatments to establish what works best for you.

What types of treatment are available?

The most popular treatment to help people quit smoking are Champix, Zyban, and Nicorette.Zyban and Champix are prescriptions medicines used to aid inkicking the habit of smoking and work on the brain to prevent cravings. Nicorette gums (which now come in lovely fruit flavours) and nicotine patches are available without a prescription, but the important thing to remember is that whatever type of treatment you choose, it could increase your chances of quitting the habit permanently. With a strong will and right treatment, you can stay smoke-free for the rest of your life.

What happens when I quit smoking?

  • Your teeth will be cleaner and whiter and your breath, your hair and clothes will smell better, and your mouth will feel fresh and clean again. Smokers constantly smell of cigarettes and they are often struggling with sinus problems, morning cough and mucus. However, within days after you quit smoking, these symptoms will clear, and you will feel (and smell) like a new person.
  • Food starts to taste and smell better. Your nerve endings start recovering and the taste buds on your tongue and your sense of smell start working again.
  • Blood circulation improves. It causes you to easier to walk or do exercises.The risk of an amputation may also disappear when the blood starts flowing normally through your veins again.
  • Your lungs' natural cleaning system starts to work normally again, and it will progressively become easier to breathe. You could also experience less respiratory infections and mucus in your throat will begin to clear up.

However, you should also know that if you continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes, the damage to your body will increase because of the toxins they contain. Your breathing will worsen over time and you may develop cancer or suffer a fatal stroke!

Medicines that help you quit smoking can be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy or online pharmacies like Simply Meds Online.Consider using the medicine if you are smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day, or if you have previously failed all attempts to naturally quit smoking on your own.

There are several products available on the market to help you quit the habit permanently. These range from chewing gum to patches and pills. Some products are available as over-the-counter medications, while others require a prescription – be sure to ask your pharmacist about their use.

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