Does Premature Ejaculation Get Better With Age?

Jun 18, 2018 Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is synonymous with teenage boys in coming of age films such as, ‘American Pie’. The condition affects men of all ages and is mainly due to psychological reasons.  Research suggests the condition may have biological origins because some men experience it from an early age. Medically PE occurs within 90 seconds of starting intercourse. Couples who feel intercourse is over too quickly also seek advice about premature ejaculation.  Older men with premature ejaculation are usually experiencing life changes such as a new relationship, stress at work, depression or have an underlying health condition.  Treatment is generally successful because they have the experience of a previously good sex life to boost their confidence. Young men with premature ejaculation and no history of good sexual experiences take longer to overcome the condition.  Reasons for early PE include; sexual conditioning, guilt, being caught masturbating or negative attitudes to sex.  A combination of training techniques, couples counselling and antidepressants eventually helps to resolve the problem.


What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is ejaculating too quickly during intercourse. Psychological reasons are the main cause of premature ejaculation although there are also physical reasons.  Conditions such as; prostate problems, thyroid problems or side effects of using recreational drugs result in PE. Psychological reasons such as; depression, stress, relationship issues and performance anxiety also cause PE.  (Source: NHS.UK) The condition itself isn’t harmful but it does have negative consequences on relationships.  It normally occurs early in life and rarely in men who have a lot of sexual experience. Premature ejaculation makes starting relationships difficult because of the continuous disappointment couples experience.  Men lose their confidence and become less likely to start relationships because of the fear of failure. Long-term relationships falter because PE causes unhappiness and dissatisfaction. (Source: NHS.UK)


Premature ejaculation improves with age and experience because sexual techniques get better and intercourse lasts longer.  DIY treatment involves; masturbating before sex to cool the urges before the main event. The squeeze method requires you to recognise how your body feels before orgasm and squeezing the tip so it subsides.  Using the stop-go technique is very similar as you withdraw before orgasm. These methods are possible on your own but are much more worthwhile as a couple as it helps deal with relationship issues too. (Source: NHS.UK) Relationship counselling helps to deal with issues that may affect sexual performance.  Antidepressants such as Priligy help to delay ejaculation doctors are not exactly sure how although they believe it relaxes the man physically and mentally.  Lifestyle changes such as combating stress, depression and coming to terms with bad sexual experiences may relieve symptoms. Underlying health conditions such as prostate problems and thyroid issues need to be treated to improve your general health and premature ejaculation.  It is important not to suffer in silence and visit your doctor if you encounter PE frequently. (Source: NHS.UK)


Does PE Improve With Age?

Premature ejaculation does improve with age as long as you make use of all of the treatments available.  Most of the time coming too quickly is due to lack of sexual experience and confidence once you overcome those issues you will get better at sex.  Practice certainly does make perfect where sexual experience is concerned.

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By Birpal Virdee (May 2018)


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