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Period Delay Without Birth Control

Aug 19, 2017 Period Delay

You have looked forward to your exotic holiday since you booked it.  Everything is planned with military precision and you have been plucked, waxed and enhanced to look your best on the beach.  However, mother nature has other ideas and your period is due the day you arrive. Strictly speaking having a period won’t stop you from being able to swim, have sex, sunbathe, skydive and many other exciting activities.  However bloating, stomach cramps and low mood swings can make your holiday less enjoyable. If you take the contraceptive pill you can delay your period easily by taking two packets without a break in between.  If you use other forms of contraception you will have to delay your period by taking Norethisterone.  This will only stop you from having a period and will not prevent pregnancy.

The Menstrual Cycle

The main purpose of the menstrual cycle is the preparation of the womb for carrying a child.  If an egg is fertilized it latches onto the womb lining and preparation is made for a baby to grow. If an egg is not fertilised the womb lining is shed and a woman has her period.  Contraceptive pills work by releasing the hormone progesterone. Taking the contraceptive pill back to back will prevent the onset of a period.  This shouldn’t be used for too long as a method of period delay.   The Mirena Coil and contraceptive injection can reduce period flow considerably.  Hormonal contraception cannot be taken by some women due to health problems.


Norethisterone works in a similar way to the contraceptive pill by releasing progesterone which prevents the womb lining from shedding.  You are advised to start taking it three days before your period is due and up to 17 days afterwards.  If you are prone to deep vein thrombosis you will be advised against taking it.  You may encounter side effects such as; bloating, breast tenderness, loss of libido and stomach pains.  This treatment will only delay your period and is not a form of contraception.  You need to make sure you take precautions if you embark on a holiday romance.

Is It Safe To Delay Your Period?

It is safe to delay your period for short lengths of time but it should not be practised in the long term.  Anything that alters your body’s natural cycle will have a negative effect eventually, so keeping it to a minimum is much safer.  Often methods used to delay your period can be as uncomfortable as the period itself (without the bleeding). Norethisterone is only available on prescription so you will not be able to use it unless your doctor thinks it is safe to do so.  So if you need to delay your period for a once in a lifetime trip you will really benefit from taking Norethisterone. To review and purchase treatment to delay your period click here.

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