What Are Natural Methods Of Period Delay?

Sep 23, 2017 Period Delay

A regular monthly period is an indication of good health.  However, there are times in a woman’s life when a period delay is required.  Whether it is your wedding day, a holiday of a lifetime or Amazonian trek, having a period during these times is somewhat inconvenient.  If you are on the contraceptive pill period delay is relatively simple.  However if you either don’t suit hormonal contraception or you don’t like having chemicals in your body it is not as straightforward. Natural methods of period delay do exist but whether they will actually delay the inevitable is questionable.  As with all home remedies, they will work for some people and not others.  If you really want to guarantee period delay progestogens, that mimic the effects of progesterone may be the only answer.

Why Period Delay?

The practicalities of blood loss generally prompt the need for period delay.  Wedding dresses and honeymoons don’t really suit sanitary towels and tampons.  Imagine the coordination required to lift up a voluminous white dress without getting blood on it. If you are intending to trek in the wilds you will discover that the terrain does not really cater for the needs of menstruating women. Even pilgrimages are not comfortable for women who are on their period. Looking at these scenarios you can see why a period delay is important for some women.

Natural Methods

Here is a list of natural methods of period delay. It must be noted that they are likely to unsuccessful as they have not been scientifically proven to work.
  • Sucking on a lemon, raspberry leaves and lentils are foods that may delay your period.
  • Breast massage (200 times a day).
  • Intense exercise - Olympic gymnastics often don’t start having periods because of this.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Avoid spicy foods.
  • Drink vinegar.
  • Relax and avoid stress.
  • Massage your uterus.
It would probably be a good idea to try these methods out before you want to try period delay for real.


The most guaranteed form of period delay requires hormonal intervention. Norethisterone is a progestogen which elevates the level of estrogen in your body.  Estrogen is the hormone that reduces during the onset of a period.  Raising it tricks your body into believing that it is not the time to have a period and delays it.  Norethisterone is not a contraceptive so you can still get pregnant if you use no other protection.  You will not encounter menstrual bleeding but can still suffer other symptoms similar to PMT.  The most common side effects are; bloating, breast tenderness, loss of libido and stomach pains.  You start taking the treatment four or five days before your period is due to start and continue until you are ready to stop.  It normally takes up to three days for your normal cycle to resume. Norethisterone is prescription only and can only be acquired after a consultation with your doctor. Natural methods of period delay may not be successful but hormonal methods will ensure that your dream wedding or holiday isn’t ruined. To review and purchase treatment for period delay click here.

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