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EllaOne The Quick Solution To Little Mishaps

Nov 30, 2016 Emergency Contraception

Whether it was a short lived holiday romance or an embarrassing fumble in the dark our carnal instinct can run away with us, causing us to wake up with stinging regrets in the morning. In the throws of passion the connection between sex and babies doesn’t really present itself - until the morning that is. If you haven’t yet chosen a regular form of contraception or are taking antibiotics, while on the pill, it is likely that you will need to take, ‘The morning after pill’, to prevent unwanted pregnancies. EllaOne , an emergency contraceptive, gives you five days grace, allowing you to rectify your mistakes.

What Is EllaOne ?

EllaOne is the most effective emergency contraception available, it is 98% effective and can be taken up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex. EllaOne is most effective taken sooner rather than later. It works by delaying ovulation so that an egg isn’t released during the five day life cycle of sperm. It is recommended that a barrier form of contraception is used after taking EllaOne as the conventional contraceptive pill will become less effective. The active ingredient is Ulipristal Acetate which acts upon the body’s receptors for the female sex hormone progesterone.

If you would like to review and purchase emergency contraception please click here.

How To Avoid Post Coital Panic

Ideally you should use preventive methods of contraception, as EllaOne should only be taken in an emergency and not become your regular form of contraception. Most of us are aware of barrier methods such as; condoms, diaphragms and caps. The contraceptive pill and mini pill as well as IUDs such as the coil. We are most at risk of having mishaps when we are stranded in a relationship desert and suddenly strike it lucky. The most effective form of contraception is to avoid having sex at all, which seems extreme when it the first chance you have had in ages. Therefore you need to approach every night out as if you are going to get lucky, condoms fit nicely in a small bag, and if your beau can’t perform wearing a condom then maybe you should give it a miss. Of course you could always buy EllaOne in advance but that isn’t really an ideal solution.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

When you have casual sex you are putting yourself at risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases. EllaOne may help to prevent pregnancy but will not protect you from; gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, genital herpes, HPV, genital warts and HIV/AIDS. Only barrier methods of contraception will protect against the majority of STDs. Maybe considering the implications of contracting an STD may encourage you to consider using a barrier method of contraception. If you have found a mirage in the relationship desert and are panicking about getting pregnant, there is no need to worry as we can deliver EllaOne to you tomorrow.

If you would like to review and purchase emergency contraception please click here.

By Parv Sagoo (Sept 2017)

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