Don’t let pollen put a stop to your summer

Aug 21, 2019 Hay Fever / Allergies

Pollen is the cause of many problems for sufferers of hay fever around the world. Some may get the occasional runny nose whereas others are completely bombarded with nature’s offerings, leading to a whole host of irritating symptoms. The offending months for hay fever are from late March to September, usually the hottest period of the year. The pollen count is what indicates the level of allergens floating in the air, likely to cause distress to people with hay fever. There are a range of symptoms which can be experienced by people who are sensitive to pollen, these symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Itchy/watering eyes
  • Runny or blocked nose
  • Sneezing
  • General stuffiness around the nose and eye region
  • Itchy throat
  • Coughing
Some people may experience other side effects but the ones listed above are the most common. If you already have an allergy, for example to dust, then you are more likely to also have an allergy to pollen (hay fever). This is also true for asthmatics and people with eczema, they are more likely to be sensitive to pollen. If you do suffer with asthma then pollen can make it worse, you may become more breathless or stat to wheeze, that’s why it’s so important to carry your reliever (blue) inhaler with you at all times. Pollen is naturally found on all plants; it is a fine powder like substance which the male plants produce in order to fertilise the female plants. It is spread by air with the help of wind, although pollen itself is harmless to all humans it’s the way in which the body reacts to it which causes undesirable effects. When pollen is breathed in by a hay fever sufferer the body recognises it as an unknown substance and therefore goes into attack mode. This attack mode leads to a release in a chemical by the body called Histamine. Histamine is a substance which leads to itchiness and inflammation, the idea is that this will cause the person to then scratch or sneeze the offending pollen out. In reality this causes a whole host of issues as listed above, the body over reacts and the histamines cause more problems than they solve. This is the same reason why people have allergies to other substances such as dust and grass, and may also suffer the same issues because of it. But fear not, because there is a well-equipped armoury available at the disposal of hay fever sufferers. They come in the from of tablets, eye drops, nasal sprays and balms to name a few. The main active ingredient in most hay fever medicines are anti-histamines, they essentially work by blocking the histamines. This in turn prevents the histamine from provoking any inflammation or itchiness. Anti-histamines are available in a range of forms due to the fact that people may only experience one discomfort, such as itchy eyes but no runny nose. In this case the eye drops would be the best and most effective medicine. No medicine should be taken without first consulting your GP or Pharmacist to ensure it is safe for your use. TO SEE OUR RANGE OF PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH HAY FEVER MEDICINES CLICK HERE   Over the counter anti-histamines are great and work well, however for some they do not work, in this case we have a vast array of prescription strength medicines available. To see which medicines we have at SimplyMeds that may be suitable for you visit our hay fever section HERE. There are a few practical things that you can do to help ease the symptoms of hay fever these include:
  • Keep windows and doors closed to stop pollen from entering the house
  • Try not to spend too much time outside, especially if it’s a windy day
  • Do not cut or walk on grass
  • Try not to dry your clothes outside, they can be a trap for pollen too
  • Keep an eye on the pollen forecast HERE, to help plan any trips
So if you’re suffering and over the counter medicine isn’t helping then we are here to help. Fill out a free consultation and we can find the best treatment for you. If you have any questions or concerns, we have a pharmacist who can also help guide you through different options so that you can make this most of the summer.  

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