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Can You Remove Unwanted Facial Hair With Duct Tape?

Sep 30, 2017 Unwanted Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair is also known as hirsutism is every woman’s nightmare. It is caused by increased male hormones called androgens.  Polycystic ovary syndrome also produces unwanted facial hair.  Thick dark hair grows in the areas you would expect to find hair growth in men.  These include; face, chest, neck, tummy, lower back, buttocks and thighs. (Source: NHS Choices).  Hair on the face causes most distress because it can be easily seen and difficult to hide. There are a number of ways you can remove unwanted facial hair these include; waxing, shaving, threading, laser treatment and medication.  Duct Tape is not one of the recommended methods of hair removal. The skin on the face is very delicate and harsh treatment can result in rashes and bruising.    

Extreme Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair using Duct Tape is going into the realms of extreme sports. If you search it on the web you generally find men who want to prove their masculinity through pain and suffering.  Watching these masochistic males grimacing in agony is pretty amusing and great entertainment.  However none of them seem daring enough to use Duct Tape on their face.  There is a website called, ‘Tape Authority’, where they answer loads of questions about Duct Tape.  Before you even ask - yes they have discussed removing back and chest hair.  They suggest that waxing is a better method because Duct Tape, ‘to remove chest or back hair is also very painful. Also it doesn’t do as good a job of removing the hair.’ So if you are even considering using Duct Tape to remove unwanted facial hair - don’t!

Traditional Methods

As mentioned before, the skin on our faces is very delicate therefore hair removal needs to be gentle and effective.  Here are the traditional ways to remove unwanted facial hair:-


Waxing, shaving, threading and hair removal cream fall into this category.  Waxing involves placing strips of melted wax on the problem area and pulling it off.  Hair sticks to the wax and comes out of the follicles.  It can be painful and if done incorrectly can cause; skin irritation, burns, skin discolouration and allergic reactions. (Source: Reward Me).  Shaving is only advised if you have a significant amount of hair otherwise your skin could become damaged.  Threading involves crossing two threads to create a scissor action to cut hair.  This method is quite painful, can leave reddened skin and needs to be repeated frequently. (Source: The Health Site).

Laser Treatment IPO

If you opt for laser treatment it will take longer than most other methods but will provide almost permanent hair removal.  The laser light is directed at each individual strand of unwanted facial hair.  As the light passes the skin it is converted to heat which is absorbed by the hair’s dark follicle.  This damages the follicle making hair growth difficult. Treatment needs to be repeated every six weeks - during that time you can shave but not wax your face.  You must also avoid the sun and wear sunscreen.  Your skin becomes very sensitive hot showers and baths or highly perfumed cream can damage your skin.

Vaniqa Cream

The active ingredient of Vaniqa Cream is Eflornithine.  It works by slowing the growth of hair by rendering the effectiveness of a particular enzyme associated with hair growth.  The cream is topical and only works on the area it is applied to. Vaniqa cream should be applied to the problem areas twice a day eight hours apart. Very common side effects include; acne and some skin irritation.  If you experience swelling or cracked skin you must cease using the cream and contact your doctor. To review and purchase treatment for unwanted facial hair click here.

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