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Avoid Having A September Baby With Emergency Contraception

Dec 22, 2017 Emergency Contraception

Rocking around the Christmas tree and seeing in the New Year makes us all a little frisky.  Kissing under the mistletoe becomes a romp in the bedroom and linking arms at midnight may become much more intimate.  If you don’t use emergency contraception you may be welcoming a bundle of joy in nine months time. You are at most risk of getting pregnant if you are not expecting to have sex. This is because you are completely unprepared and don’t have any contraception to hand.  Whether your encounter is the beginning of a beautiful relationship or a source of great regret you have to think about the possibility of pregnancy. Sperm can survive up to five days in the cervix increasing the risk of pregnancy if an egg is released during that time.  Emergency contraception prevents ovulation so the sperm dies before conception takes place.

Emergency Contraception

Also known as, ‘The Morning After Pill’, you can take it up to five days after unprotected sex.  EllaOne and Levonelle are two forms of emergency contraception.  EllaOne can be taken up to 5 days after and Levonelle 3 days.  Both are most effective when taken as soon as possible after the event. The morning after pill contains the same ingredients as the combined contraceptive pill but in a stronger dose.  There are no significant health risks if you take emergency contraception regularly.  However is advisable to find a method of contraception that you feel comfortable with.   Taking emergency contraception is not the same as taking an abortion pill as it prevents conception.  If you are already pregnant it will not harm the baby or cause a miscarriage.  Side effects are minor and you are taking exactly the same ingredients as the regular pill.  You should use another form of contraception after taking the medication because it will not protect you from further pregnancies. Your menstrual cycle may be slightly disrupted and you could feel nauseous but you will generally feel alright.  

If you would like to review and purchase emergency contraception please click here.

Be Prepared

If you are dressing up to the nines, quaffing copious amounts of fizz and hoping to strike it lucky then you should be optimistically prepared to have sex.  Emergency contraception prevents pregnancy but not sexually transmitted infections.  Nobody wants to go to the GUM clinic in January with an itchy vag.  HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia genital warts and crabs are some of the delightful STIs you can catch. Condoms are easy to carry and act as a barrier so that determined sperm and STIs don’t enter your vagina.  They won’t protect you from herpes, genital warts or crabs because they reside in the pubic area.  If your prospective lover has raging red rashes or weird lumps be sensible and refrain from having sex.  Sometimes they are so effective that men claim they can’t get an erection wearing one don’t risk infection for a one night stand. You can purchase emergency contraception in advance so you can take it immediately after unexpected unprotected sex.

If you would like to review and purchase emergency contraception please click here.

By Parv Sagoo (Jan 2018)

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