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Are Asthma Inhalers Flammable?

Feb 02, 2018 Asthma

Asthma inhalers allow sufferers to live a normal life.  They work by opening up the airways in lungs making breathing easier.  According to the British Lung Foundation, over 8 million people have asthma in the UK.  Cases vary from mild to severe and some attacks are fatal.  In 2012 over a thousand people died after an asthma attack. People with asthma carry an inhaler with them all of the time just in case they have an attack.  Most inhalers are made in two parts which include an aerosol cartridge and a plastic case.  The cartridge contains medicine that opens up the bronchioles in the lungs. Each puff of the inhaler is a specific dose so that the sufferer doesn’t get too much medicine. Aerosols contain a propellant which pushes the contents out as little particles. A propellant pushes the medicine into the air.  Deodorant, furniture polish, spray paint and asthma inhalers use aerosols.  In certain conditions aerosols become flammable.

Are Inhalers Flammable?

Asthma is treated with different types of inhaler.  Metered dose inhalers dispense a specific amount of medicine. There are two parts to each inhaler.  An aerosol capsule sits inside a plastic dispenser which has a mouthpiece to dispense the medicine. Inhalers contain medication which relaxes the muscles in the lungs making breathing easier.  People with the condition must carry an inhaler with them at all times just in case they have an attack.  Airlines consider inhalers to be low risk and allow them on planes. Inhalers are essential for asthma sufferers because they save lives.  They are unlikely to catch fire and are perfectly safe to carry around.  If there was a great risk of them being flammable airlines would not allow them to be onboard.

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a pulmonary condition that makes breathing difficult.  The bronchioles in the lungs contract during an attack.  When an attack is severe people cannot breathe and need to go to the hospital.  Inhalers containing medicine like Salbutamol relax the muscles in the lungs and make breathing easier. Symptoms include; a tight chest, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing.  The severity of symptoms vary.  Some people have chronic symptoms which are very life limiting while others have an occasional attack. Triggers include; pollen, dander, dust, food additives, drugs, change in temperature and stress. Being aware of triggers makes it easier to avoid them.  People with asthma complete an asthma plan every year to keep track of triggers and their condition. There is no cure so treatments only keep the condition under control.  People have two types of inhalers preventers and relievers.  A preventer is taken regularly to prevent attacks from happening.  Relievers are taken during an attack to stop it from getting worse.   Most people manage their condition well and don’t suffer any serious effects. If you would like to review and purchase treatment for asthma please click here.  

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