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Are Asthma Inhalers Allowed On Airplanes UK?

Nov 02, 2017 Asthma

Asthma is a common condition that affects your lungs. Approximately 5 million people in the UK are asthmatic. The condition is caused by inflammation of the lungs and varies from mild to fatal.  Therefore it is vitally important that asthmatics carry medication with them at all times. The majority of sufferers carry on with everyday life with the help of an inhaler.  Many people with asthma travel all over the globe so taking an inhaler on the trip is most certainly allowed.  New regulations have restricted the types of items you can carry in your hand luggage. Medication and important food supplements are allowed in hand luggage as long as you carry the relevant paperwork from your doctor.

UK Hand Luggage Restrictions

According to Gov.uk, you are allowed to take essential medications over 100ml in your hand luggage.  Asthma inhalers contain significantly less liquid than this.  The Ventolin Evohaler only contains 100 micrograms of medication so it is well within acceptable quantities.   You will need to carry a letter or prescription from your doctor relating to your medication.  Security will still have to open your medication and screen the containers to make sure they are what you say they are. In the list of items allowed in hand luggage and the hold, asthma inhalers can be kept in both.  However, it is advised that you carry all medication onto the plane as hand luggage just in case your suitcase goes missing.

Flying With Asthma

Travelling with asthma requires a degree of preparation because you will encounter unexpected triggers. Before you head off for your holidays you need to; visit your doctor for a check-up, update your asthma plan and get any immunisation required for your journey. You need to take your asthma action plan so that you can record any changes to your asthma, travel insurance documents and your European Health Insurance Card.  Make sure that you take enough medication to last the duration of your trip plus extra supplies.  Pack a print out of your usual medication just in case you require medical intervention. If you are breathless when resting you should have a medical examination before embarking on your holiday.  Any extra medical equipment can be carried onto your flight if it is essential.  The British Lung Foundation provides very comprehensive guidelines on travelling with a lung condition.

Choosing The Right Holiday Destination

When choosing your holiday destination with asthma you need to consider how the temperature and environment may affect you. If you are visiting a cold country you may suffer from increased attacks and should take more preventative inhalers.  In areas where there is high pollution, you are likely to trigger an episode. On your arrival, you must take time to get used to the environment and how it affects your breathing.  You must take it easy and if you get breathless during physical exertion you may need to avoid certain activities such as scuba diving. If you would like to review and purchase treatment for asthma please click here.

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