Are migraines worse in the summer?

Apr 29, 2021 Migraine

The temperatures are set to keep rising as summer beckons its way in. This is a welcome change for all, especially as we come out of lockdown life and begin to enjoy social company. But for some this year there will be another hurdle – migraines.

A migraine can feel like a throbbing one-sided headache, usually it is accompanied by visual disturbances called aura. It can also be combined with feelings of nausea and sickness. For many these migraines are severe enough that they cannot continue to function normally, and can last up to 3 days.

Some may experience more or worse migraines in the summer, and the usual reason for this is dehydration. In the summer as temperatures rise our bodies tend to sweat a lot more, as we lose water through sweating we often forget to replace it. Making sure you are properly hydrated through the warmer months of the year can help prevent such migraines.

Simply Meds also offers migraine treatment to those who have had a clear diagnosis from their healthcare professional. Prescription strength migraine tablets help to stop the migraine in its tracks before it becomes too much of a worry.

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The other reasons why summer can lead to more migraines can be due to environmental pollution, heat exhaustion and possibly even heat stroke. Other factors could also possibly include the change in air pressure.

So, this summer make sure you are properly hydrated, it is recommended that your water intake be around 1.5-2L, and even more if you are particularly active or live in a hotter climate. Also, most people who suffer with migraines will most likely have a trigger, try your best to find out what triggers your migraines and avoid them at all costs. These triggers can include lack of sleep, staring at monitors too long or lack of food.

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