10 Ways to keep you busy in lockdown

Apr 14, 2020

As the whole world is locked down we've put together a list of 10 things you can do to help improve your time in lockdown. Take a look and see what you can do to help make the most of the time.


1 - Keep A Diary

Keeping a diary whether in the form of a video blog (vlog) or a written book can help put all your thoughts together. It’s a great way to beat the boredom of lockdown and also makes for a great time to reflect on oneself. Adding to that it sure will make an interesting read once the lockdown is over and life returns to normality. You may not have the writing flair of Anne Frank but that certainly won’t make it any less important.


2 - Stay Fit

With so many athletes promoting ‘workout at home’ routines it’s hard not to miss one. It’s a great time to build a habit while you’re at home, Exercise also releases endorphins which are the feelgood hormones. A lot of people are going to come out of this with more emotional strength why not build up your physical strength to match.


3 – Learn a new skill

Always had a language that you wanted to learn, a dish you could never master? Well now is the perfect time! Looking forward to your next holiday abroad once this is all over, well it would make the trip a whole lot more enjoyable to learn the local language. With many cooking guides on YouTube you could look up the recipe and re-create your favourite dishes. Bring a flavour from the other side of the world to your table.


4 – Do some charity work

If you are not in a vulnerable group then there are many of those who need help with their shopping or other tasks. Offering your help can save lives as it prevents those who are unable to go out to still get their medication or food in order to continue staying safe indoors. Not only does it help those that need it the most but it also improves your sense of accomplishment and you may encourage someone else to do the same.


5 – DIY

Everyone has something that they’ve been putting off for a ‘rainy day’ and now is the perfect opportunity to get the dust off your tools and get working. Make a list of easy to do quick fixes you can do to each room and start working through it. By the end of the lockdown you’ll have all your nagging jobs done and you can then sit back and marvel at your work.




 6- Organise!

Now is a great time to get all your clothes, paper statements (if you still get these) or your email inbox cleared of clutter. Why not colour code your wardrobe or shred that pile of paper that’s been waiting for months. The lockdown provides a great opportunity to knuckle down on the household chores without any distractions from the outside world.


7 – Plant some flowers

Tending to your garden gives you some great time outdoors – observing the safety rules at all times. Its great to get some plants and flowers dug into the ground to make your garden more colourful. Also being outdoors in the sun gives you a top up of that all-important Vitamin D.


8 – Connect with friends and Family online          

Although we can’t meet our loved ones face to face the beauty of technology means we are able to still keep in touch. There are lots of messaging and video calling apps available which help make your closest ones only a few taps away. You may have more time now than you did before, so re-connect with old friends and keep in touch with those who are dearest.


9 – Make a to-do list

The easiest way to clear through all your tasks is to make a to-do list. Keep it conscience and work on it every day, crossing things off when completed and adding on more tasks when they arise. You’ll find that creating a list makes you more successful at completing tasks and getting what you need done.


10 – Give time to yourself

Spend some time on the most important person, you! Have a bubble bath, listen to your favourite music or grab your favourite book. The lockdown is a great time to discover more about yourself. Meditation is a great way to connect with your body, find peace and feel more fulfilled. Do something that you enjoy and that relaxes you.


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