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Trimethoprim 200mg
Trimethoprim a broad spectrum antibiotic that is particularly effective for use in cystitis and urinary tract infections (UTIs). It works by killing off the bacteria causing the infection and thus alleviating the symptoms of cystitis. It is  Read More
Nitrofurantoin 50mg Tablets (3 Day Course)
Nitrofurantoin is the first line (in the UK) prescription treatment available to treat uncomplicated urinary tract infections (including cystitis) in females. A short 3 day course is usually enough to completely clear an infection that  Read More

Cystitis / UTI

Cystitis is a common urinary tract infection that causes inflammation of the bladder. It is more common in women and also less likely to be a complication due to another underlying condtion. Mild cystitis generally clears up by itself and is a cause of irritation rather than concern. However more serious cases of cystitis require antibiotic treatment. If you ignore cystitis you could develop a kidney infection.

Signs of cystitis include;

  • feeling generally unwell sometimes accompanied with a fever
  • stomach pain
  • dark urine (blood in the urine)
  • needing to go to the toilet frequently and a stinging sensation when you pass water
  • Feeling like you need to pass urine but having a very low volume of urine

If you have symptoms of cystitis it is important that you consult your doctor especially in men. Men with urinary tract infections should seek medical advice as soon as possible. Women are more susceptible to having cystitis because their urethra is very close to their anal passage and thus more likely to have bacterial contamination.

Cystitis symptoms can be reduced by; drinking plenty of water, going to the toilet regularly and wearing cotton underwear. Certain antibiotics can be used to prevent prolonged suffereing in women with cystitis. Simply Meds Online stocks Trimethoprim for cystitis in women.