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Weight Loss Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

Mar 06, 2018 Weight Loss

Finding the definitive weight loss method is something we all seek. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or secret formula for losing weight except determination and dedication.  Gaining weight has always been much easier than losing it. We all know that eating more calories than we need leads to weight gain but we still find losing weight difficult. We seek immediate gratification in all aspects of our lives and want to look and feel great with the swipe of a credit card.  Our appearance on social media forces us to evaluate the way we look and strive for perfection. Celebrities cash in on extreme weight loss or weight gain and we are swept up in the excitement of it all.   Weight loss improves our self esteem, increases our confidence and makes us healthier.  Faddy miracle diets are successful for a short time but are impossible to sustain. Losing weight requires a complete lifestyle change in order to be maintainable.


Why Is It Easy To Put On Weight?

Our ancestors ate lard and high calorific food and without becoming obese or overweight.  They cycled or walked everywhere, washed clothes by hand, did lots more manual work and were much more active.  Portion sizes were much smaller and made up of natural ingredients. Fish and chips were the only take away food available and everything was homemade. We eat large portions of processed food with a high fat and sugar content and lead sedentary lives.  Restaurants deliver takeaways to our door and we feel cheated if we don’t have a plateful of food to devour.  Our perception of how much exercise burns calories is so wide off the mark that we eat more after a workout. Wine Fridays and nights out with the lads involve copious amounts of calorific alcohol and rich food.  The pounds pile on and before we know it our jeans are too tight and most of the clothes in our wardrobes don’t fit. Food comforts us and is our friend when a relationship breaks up, we lose our jobs or are at odds with the world.  Ben and Jerry are great shoulders to cry on but they also increase our waistlines plunging us into greater despair.  Junk food comes in big packets and BOGOF offers so we devour thousands of empty calories that don’t ease our pain or qwell our hunger. Our swollen waistlines and double chins often encourage us to eat more food which makes hate our appearance even more. Gaining pounds is much easier than losing them and giving into temptation is a habit we all find difficult to give up.

Why Is Weight Loss Is So Difficult?

Humans have incredibly sweet teeth and an insatiable desire for fatty foods.  Centuries ago our ancestors had to hunt for food and their bodies would store fat to cope with periods of famine.  Now we don’t hunt and farmers use machinery to harvest our crops so we don’t have to do anything. Our bodies still behave as if there are times of famine so going on a starvation diet is not going to achieve sustainable weight loss. Diets that restrict the intake of certain types of food leave us feeling hard done by with an overwhelming urge to eat the food we are denying ourselves. Calorie counting and eating less food takes away the pleasure of life.  Summoning up enough enthusiasm to exercise is challenging and requires motivation. We hardly move these days and our sedentary lives are having a negative impact on our bodies. Weight loss plans that help you to maintain the weight loss afterwards prove to be the most successful.  Weight Watchers, Slimming World and the NHS have devised plans that incorporate positive lifestyle changes to help with lifelong weight loss.  Deciding to lose weight involves commitment and the desire to succeed. Maintaining weight loss is difficult and often the reason we pile the pounds back on.   Orlistat and Alli are weight loss tablets that bind fat together making it easier to lose weight.  People with a body mass index (BMI) over 30 are prescribed this medication. You have to eat a low fat diet otherwise you will suffer undesirable side effects.  You lose 2 lbs on top of every 4 lb lost. They are not magic pills and require a healthy weight loss plan for them to be successful. Losing weight is a steady slow process that changes your life forever just like a marathon runner completing a 26 mile race.

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By Birpal Virdee (May2018)

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