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Where Weight Loss Happens First

Where Weight Loss Happens First

Weight loss makes us healthier by improving heart health and taking the pressure off our joints.  It also makes us look good and enjoy wearing our favourite clothes again. Some of us put weight all over our bodies while others gain weight in particular places. The most noticeable place we lose weight from is our face.  

We have very little control over choosing the parts of our bodies where the weight comes off first due to genetics.  Weight loss is more likely to show in the parts of our bodies that carry the most weight. Combining weight loss and exercise helps to tone your body in the areas where weight is difficult to shift.

Losing weight gradually and safely results in long-term weight loss that is completely beneficial.  Trying to drop the pounds too quickly results in loss of nutrients and the potential to pile the weight back on.  Choosing a good weight reduction diet is essential for your health and well being. Many weight loss plans incorporate exercise and healthy eating so you lose weight without any negative health implications.

Why Do We Put Weight On?

We put weight on because we eat more calories than we use or we have a medical condition that causes weight gain.  Weight gain creeps up on us gradually and suddenly our clothes don’t fit and we feel unhealthy. High-calorie fat-laden food, refined carbohydrates, high sugar foods and large portion sizes help to pile on the pounds.  

PCOS, an underactive thyroid, depression and some medication result in weight gain.  Following a healthy weight loss plan helps to counteract the effects of these conditions and improves the symptoms.  

The recommended number of calories for an adult male is 2500 and 2000 for a woman.  Cutting the calories by 500 helps to trigger weight loss however the number of calories you need to lose depends on your weight and height ratio. This is the Body Mass Index (BMI) a healthy BMI ranges between 18.5 - 24.5 while 25 and above is overweight and obese.

Excess weight causes many health problems including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Both of these conditions put a strain on the body and severely affect your health. Maintaining a healthy weight helps to reduce the chances of having a heart attack or stroke which is a more important reason than having a beach body.

How Does Weight Loss Occur?

Weight loss is a gradual process requiring dedication and determination.  The most effective way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake and participate in more exercise.  Restricting portion sizes and eating fresh rather than processed food helps to reduce the number of calories you consume.  Following weight loss plans such as the NHS, Weight Watchers and Slimming World helps you-you to monitor your food intake effectively.  

Excess weight burns away and disappears into the ether causing fat cells to shrink and weight loss.  Sometimes it is difficult to lose weight and the reduction in weight plateaus. Orlistat, Xenical and Alli are weight loss treatments that increase weight loss by 30%.  They work by binding fat together and disposing of it out of the body. You have to have a BMI of over 30 to take this treatment and avoid eating fatty foods due to unpleasant side effects.

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Where Weight Loss Happens First

Weight loss makes us healthier by improving heart health and taking the pressure off our joints It also makes us look good and enjoy wearing our favourite clothes again Some of us put weight all... Read more