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New Year New Me? What's the best time to start weight loss?

Jan 19, 2016 Weight Loss

It’s that time of year again where the local gyms are overrun with budding new members hoping to shed those extra few pounds they piled on over the festive period. The sports shops are crowded with people trying to buy a funky new pair of trainers and gym wear to help encourage them to make use of the gym. But how can you truly get to your desired weight? And is it the best time to start weight loss?

Every year millions of people embark on a weight loss diet or a new exercise regime only to figure out that a week later they’re back into their normal habits. There are a wealth of options available with new and exciting methods seeming to crop up weekly. So what actually works? To be honest the best method is the one that can fit into your current lifestyle with minimal disruption to your everyday habits. Exercise and diet are the two factors which will help get you to your desired goal. However we understand that this alone does not always work for everyone and sometimes they need something to help them on their way.


What works and How?

Orlistat is a medicine which prevents the enzymes in your intestine from breaking down fat. This means that the fat from your meals which you would have normally absorbed into your body are excreted with other waste in your stools. Therefore you are taking in less fat from your diet, leading to weight loss. About a third of the fat you eat is blocked by Orlistat.

It must be stressed that using Orlistat/ Xenical/ Alli on its own is not advised, this treatment should be carried out alongside a balanced and varied healthy diet and exercise. This is a treatment for those who have controlled their diet and incorporated exercise into their routines and have essentially reached a plateau with their weight loss. With any weight loss programme there is a healthy target weight loss pace. Losing too much weight in a short space of time can be just as unhealthy as holding on to the weight. It's also more likely that you will puck the weight back on just as fast should you stop your regime. This is the reason why crash diets don’t work. They slow down your metabolism forcing your body into survival mode. Crash diets can weaken your immune system, lead to a loss in nutrients, cause dehydration, palpitations and stress the cardiac system. A slow and steady weight loss is always more favourable and will mean that it’s more likely the weight will stay off. We here at SimplyMeds encourage all of our patients to aim to lose around 0.5-1kg per week, this is the safest rate at which to lose weight


Who is it for?

  • Males and Females over the age of 18 who have a BMI of >28 (BMI Calculator found here: NHS)
  • For those who have an obesity problem, and the more traditional methods (diet control/exercise) have failed or stopped working

How is it taken?

  • Orlistat and Xenical come as 120mg capsules (Alli is a 60mg capsule), ONE is taken up to three times a day with the main meals, either before during or up to 1 hour after.
  • There is no point in taking the medicine if you are not having a meal as it only works if there is food in your stomach.
  • There is also no need to take the medicine if your meal has no dietary fat as the medicine will have nothing to act upon.

If you wish to review weight loss treatment CLICK HERE.

By Birpal Virdee (January 2019)

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