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Home - Blog - Stop Smoking - Where Is My Local Stop Smoking Clinic?
Where Is My Local Stop Smoking Clinic?

Where Is My Local Stop Smoking Clinic?

Smoking is a seriously weird habit we have embraced over the centuries.  We actually pay approximately an hour and a halves wages to inhale 75 toxic substances.  Not only that our money is literally going up in smoke.  The first drag is hideous and after acquiring a taste for these cancer sticks we find giving them up extremely difficult. It is not socially acceptable to smoke in public places and the packets are adorned with tumours and warnings about erectile dysfunction.

Everyone knows the risks but why is it so difficult to stop smoking?  Cigarettes used to be associated with being cool and healthy.  In the past, they were even advertised as a cure for asthma (how ironic).  Film stars made them sophisticated and sexy, while sporting events had cigarette adverts prominently displayed (until it was banned).  The number of people who smoke in the UK has dropped to its lowest level in 50 years.  Even so, 1 in 6 people is still dedicated to killing themselves slowly and depleting their bank accounts quickly.

Why Should I Stop Smoking?

If you are looking for your local stop smoking clinic then you may already have decided that you are ready to give up cigarettes for good.  If you are unsure here are three good reasons to help you give up for good.

  • Health: If you stop smoking your health will start to improve immediately.  You will decrease your risk of pulmonary embolism, COPD, stroke and cancer significantly.  You family will also benefit because you can enjoy playing with your children and your family will still have you around for years to come.
  • Wealth: At ten pounds a packet, giving up a 20 a day habit can save you £140 a week.  Multiply that by 52 and you can make a saving of £7,280 a year.  This amount of money can pay for a new car, kitchen or a holiday of a lifetime.  Also, the extra cash will relieve any money worries that are stressing you out.
  • Looks: As soon as you stop inhaling the poisonous smoke you will start to look much better.  Your skin will look less ashen and will look much younger than before.  

Your Local Stop Smoking Clinic

The NHS is very keen to help people to stop smoking and provide a Stop Smoking Clinic in most localities.  Each clinic has a trained set of advisors who can provide you with information to help you quit.  Studies have shown that it is easier to stop smoking if you do it as part of a group.  The clinics provide one-to-one and group sessions and discuss nicotine replacement therapies.  To find your local Stop Smoking Clinic Click on this link and insert your postcode.

If you feel unable to stop smoking with willpower alone there are many ways in which you can wean yourself off cigarettes.  Nicotine patches, gum and sweets work for some, while others need a more intense course of treatment.  Champix is a well-known treatment to help you to quit smoking.  It mimics the effects of nicotine on the brain and is taken as a two-week course that can be extended for as long as is needed.  If taken in conjunction with sessions at your local stop smoking clinic you will be the none smoker you have always wanted to be.

To review and purchase treatment to help you to stop smoking Click Here.

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