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Home - Blog - EllaOne - Let’s Talk About Sex - How EllaOne Works
Let’s Talk About Sex - How EllaOne Works

Let’s Talk About Sex - How EllaOne Works

EllaOne is more commonly known as, 'The Morning After Pill', it is taken after unprotected intercourse. There is often the misconception that taking emergency contraception is a form of abortion.  In fact it is just another form of contraception.  Emergency contraception like EllaOne can prevent unwanted pregnancies. 

What Is Contraception?

Contra means, ‘against’, and ception is a shortened form of ,’conception’, so the two together mean against conception. Conception occurs when the healthiest sperm penetrates the egg.  Contraception prevents any interaction between sperm and egg so there are no babies involved.  Often because EllaOne is taken after sex it is mistaken as being an abortion pill when in fact it isn’t.  It simply delays egg release long enough so that conception can't take place.

How Babies Are Made

If you are reading this you are probably having a pregnancy scare. Understanding how babies are made will help explain how EllaOne works.   Conception occurs when the healthiest sperm penetrates a freshly released egg.  Sperm can survive in the cervix for up to five days  meaning that conception can happen a few days after intercourse. If sperm doesn't get into contact with an egg fertilisation cannot occur.

How EllaOne Works

This is actually really simple and very effective.  EllaOne is basically a very concentrated dose of the contraceptive pill.  Which prevents your ovaries from releasing an egg.  If there is no egg there cannot be a pregnancy. EllaOne does this but over a shorter period of time.  You can take it up to five days after unprotected sex but it is most effective taken as soon as possible. The Morning After Pill is not an abortion tablet as it prevents pregnancy.  When you have taken EllaOne you must use a barrier method of contraception.  You should visit your health centre to discuss the most effective form of contraception for you.

If you would like to have a consultation and take advantage of our next day delivery service please visit your emergency contraception page.

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