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How do Orlistat Pills Work?

Dec 03, 2020

Orlistat is used to help people lose weight. Your body breaks down the fat you eat with enzymes in your stomach and it is then absorbed it into the body for storage. When you take Orlistat, you stop the enzymes from working fully, which means in certain cases up to forty percent less dietary fat is broken down and absorbed into the body for storage and passes straight through the digestive system.

NOTE: Not everyone has the same results with Orlistat. It is not a miracle weight loss pill, but is recommended if you are overweight and you have not achieved your weight loss goals using other efforts. A sensible well-balanced diet is essential, along with regular exercise in order to lose unwanted weight effectively.


Various clinical trails have been carried out on this weight loss pill, which showed an average weight loss of an additional fifty percent when using Orlistat, when compared to a placebo pill with diet. That means someone losing thirteen pounds or six kilograms, could effectively lose up to up to twenty pounds or nine kilograms if using this pill. To achieve the best results the capsule should be taken with each main meal, with a maximum of three capsules daily. Take before, during or up to one hour after a meal for the best results. For meals that don't contain any fat or when a meal is missed, a capsule does not need to be taken.

How to Take and Get the Most of Your Treatment

There are two types of Orlistat on the market, Xenical and Generic Orlistat are a prescription only dose of “Orlistat 120mg”, the other two, Alli and Orlos, which a dose of 60mg and you can purchase it over the counter. Both are effective at removing fat the same way.

Dosage is easy and you can take one capsule within one hour of eating your three main meals each day, your dosage should continue for three months to ensure you are losing weight effectively. If you do not achieve results within ninety days, then your doctor will advise you stop. Discuss your options with your doctor if you have been taking for twelve months.

To achieve the best results, you will want to:

  • Eat slowly, chew your food twenty times per bite to get your gastric juices flowing
  • Eat healthy, choose a well-balanced and healthy diet, cutting up to five hundred calories daily to help lose one pound per week.
  • Be patient and consistent, weight loss doesn't happen overnight, it takes time.
  • Avoid temptation by removing any unhealthy foods from your home.

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