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Home - Blog - Erectile Dysfunction - When Do Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Not Work?
When Do Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Not Work?

When Do Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Not Work?

Erectile dysfunction is when the penis remains flaccid preventing sexual intercourse from occurring.  It is caused by neurological conditions where the nerves have been damaged, circulatory problems or psychological issues.  If a man can reach orgasm through masturbation but not during intercourse - relationship issues may be the cause.  Anabolic steroids or hair loss treatment can cause erectile dysfunction.  Treatment for prostate cancer also causes ED.  

Viagra, Sildenafil, Cialis, Spedra and Levitra are all PDE-5 inhibitors.  They are used to treat erectile dysfunction.  They are prescription drugs and must only be issued by your doctor.  One tablet is to be taken at a time and a 24-hour window should be left before taking another one.  These treatments are often very successful and allow men to have a fulfilling sex life.  However, on some occasions erectile dysfunction drugs may not work and here are some reasons why not.

How Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Erectile dysfunction medication comes from the PDE-5 inhibitors family of drugs.  They work by relaxing the blood vessels allowing blood to flow freely to the penis.  Viagra is the treatment that is most associated with ED.  

Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra. It is considerably cheaper and most likely to be prescribed.  Cialis contains the active ingredient tadalafil which improves erectile function.  There is a, ‘when needed’, version that can be taken up to an hour before intercourse.  This should only be taken occasionally.  

Spedra contains avanafil and Levitra contains Vardenafil both relax the blood vessels to the penis.  If you follow the dosage instructions correctly you should enjoy an active sex life.  However, they may be less effective if you do not.

What Makes Them Less Effective?

Here are some simple reasons why your erectile dysfunction drugs may not work:-

  • You still need to be sexually aroused so you must stimulate your penis through foreplay.
  • Avoid eating large meals before intercourse because it can affect your ability to have an erection
  • Rebuild your confidence by enjoying the moment you will get much better with practice.
  • Believe in the medication because it won't work if you don't trust that it will work.
  • Don't give up even if it didn't work the first time it doesn't mean that it will never work.
  • You may need to take a stronger dose don't do this without consulting your doctor.

Erectile dysfunction drugs have a profound effect on the circulatory system so it is vital that you only take drugs prescribed by a doctor.  Buying medication from an unknown source is risky because you don’t know if the ingredients are correct or if you are well enough to take them.

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